Grey’s Anatomy season 18: BFFs Jo and Link ready to go out together?

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy seems to be causing a stir. Besides, the great friends Jo and Link could well go out together.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are wondering about the continuation of season 18. And for good reason, are the two friends Link and Jo going to be a couple? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy fait sensation !

No one can miss Grey’s Anatomy. And for good reason, the series has become over time a global phenomenon. The seasons then follow one another but are not alike.

It must be said that Grey’s Anatomy leaves nothing to chance. The scenario then plunges the viewers into a medical universe as endearing as it is touching. Thus, the biggest fans can no longer do without the series.

The cast is also sensational. The actors are so full of talent. Thus, fans of the medical series are very attached to them. When an actor leaves the series, there is panic on board.

And for good reason, the writers leave nothing to chance. They never seem to lack imagination. Death, reunions, lies or joys, no time to get bored. And yes, nothing ever goes as planned in Grey’s Anatomy.

But if there is one subject that interests fans, it is love stories. And for 18 seasons, these have been served. Heart side, the writers seem really inspired.

Moreover, season 18 intrigues fans of Grey’s Anatomy a lot. Indeed, will Jo and Link end up together? MCE TV tells you more! *Attention Spoilers*

Grey's Anatomy season 18: BFFs Jo and Link ready to go out together?
Grey’s Anatomy season 18: BFFs Jo and Link ready to go out together?

Season 18: Jo and Link are going to be a couple?

Season 18 has many surprises in store for Grey’s Anatomy fans. The episodes then follow one another and they want to know more. It must be said that the writers do not hesitate to be very teasing with the characters.

Moreover, Jo and Link find themselves at the heart of all eyes in the new season of Grey’s Anatomy. And for good reason, the two best friends seem to be getting closer and closer. The fans then fear to see a love story born between the two.

And for good reason, they claim that a romantic relationship would disturb this beautiful friendship. And yet, the writers seem to have decided otherwise. The relationship of the two characters could well evolve.

Most what will happen between the two BFFs? As a reminder, Amelia and Link had managed to find a balance in their relationship. And yet, everything ended in season 17. The two ex-lovebirds decided to maintain a good relationship to preserve their child.

That’s whena story between Link and Jo could well see the light of day in Grey’s Anatomy. Indeed, the latter will admit to the young woman that he was crazy about her in the past. Very surprised, she could then consider the statement of the latter.

Moreover, promotional photos look more than clear. Indeed, the two characters appear closer than ever. The next episodes promise to be explosive for Link and Jo.

One thing is certain, season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy has not finishedamaze loyal fans of the series. They just have to be ready. To be continued.


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