Grey’s Anatomy: Jo’s actress shocked by the separation with Alex?

In an interview with EW, Jo actress Camilla Luddington opened up about her character breakup with Alex (Grey’s Anatomy)!

In season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex is missing. Indeed, the doctor left the hospital, Jo and Meredith to start a new life. The actress of Jo, Camilla Luddington, has also made confidences on this brutal separation.

A very surprising start

Much to everyone’s surprise, and to the chagrin of fans, Justin Chambers has decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy. A misunderstood decision which did not fail to upset the fate of characters in the medical series.

Starting with Jo. The latter was madly in love with Alex. Unfortunately, the latter has chosen his past over his present. He joined Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) on his ranch with his two twins. He is the father of the latter.

This abrupt departure did not fail to amaze the fans but also the actors of the medical series. In a press release unveiled by Deadline in 2020, the actor had moreover revealed the reasons for his departure.

He had explained: “There’s no right time to say goodbye to a show and a character. Especially when they have so marked my life over the past 15 years« . But that’s not all.

Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy) also added: “For some time, however, I have hoped to diversify my acting roles. And my career choices. In addition, I am 50 years old and I also have lucky to have my remarkable and supportive wife« .

Before continuing: “And my five wonderful children. It is therefore now the moment« . If some fans did not appreciate the end reserved for Alex at all, Camilla Luddington admitted that this scenario was approaching reality.

Grey's Anatomy: Jo's actress shocked by the separation with Alex?

Jo’s actress isn’t surprised by Alex’s departure (Grey’s Anatomy)

In a recent interview with EW, the Grey’s Anatomy actress said: “Yes, breakups are really difficult. But what I like about this story. Is that the life is unpredictable like that« .

The Grey’s Anatomy actress also revealed: “And people leave people. And they go their separate ways. Then your original idea of ​​where you think your life is going to go takes sometimes a sharp turn to the left« .

Before admitting: “There are probably a lot of people who watched those seasons she was left behind. And could perhaps relate to a rupture like this one. And to see reassess what’s important« .

The young woman also confessed that she was happy with Jo’s intrigue. As a reminder, the young woman adopted a little girl named Luna in season 18. She learn to be a mom.

In her interview with EW, the Grey’s Anatomy actress said: “I was happy that she became a mom. And I think that really influenced her to want to be an OB. And delivering babies« .

Finally, the pretty brunette concluded: “This part of his journey with [son nouvel enfant] Luna, I love her so much for her. It is crazy. And she is tired. But I think she finds so much joy every day to be a mother ”.

One thing is certain, Jo managed to get up in Grey’s Anatomy. And this, despite breaking up with Alex !


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