Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams in a relationship with Rihanna’s BFF!

A Grey’s Anatomy actor is very much in love. Indeed, it seems that Jesse Williams’ girlfriend is Rihanna’s BFF.

Jackson Avery’s comedian in Grey’s Anatomy has found a shoe that fits. Besides, it seems that Jesse Williams’ girlfriend is the Rihanna’s best friend. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy creates couples

Since the series was released in March 2005, fans have witnessed a lot of love stories of all kinds. Indeed, the Seattle Grace Hospital has seen the birth of many couples.

To the delight of fans of the series Grey’s Anatomy. Among the couples present in the show, there are one that stood out.

This is Meredith and Derek’s. The two doctors were darlings of the cast during the first seasons.

Besides, the couple could have lasted in time. It must be said that between the two actors Grey’s Anatomythere is a real chemistry.

But, after years of rumors, the actors have indeed confirmed that there was only friendship between them. After a little cold, between the actors of Grey’s Anatomyeverything seems to be fine.

In short, whether in the series or in real life, the actors in the series all more or less manage to find the shoes that fit them. Besides, it seems that Jesse Williams is on a little cloud right now. And it’s nothing to say, the interpreter of Jackson Avery in the series is in love.

The chosen one of his heart is besides, Rihanna’s best. MCE TV tells you more!

Jesse Williams is dating Rihanna’s best friend

It looks like Jesse Williams is on a little cloud right now. Yes, because after having been in war with his ex-wifethe actor moved on.

If since his divorce from Aryn Drale-Lee, the comedian of Grey’s Anatomy was discreet, he decided to formalize his new relationship. Thus, on June 15, Jesse Williams was seen hand in hand with his girlfriend Ciarra Pardo in New York.

But, the name of the actor’s sweetheart Grey’s Anatomy don’t tell anyone, think again. And for good reason, it is Rihanna’s best friend. Just that !

Besides, that’s not all. Yes, because it is also the former creative director of Geffen Records. During her outing in the company of her darling, the young woman seemed more fulfilled than ever.

For the occasion, the young woman has opted for a long dress with blue stripes with embroidered flowers on the top. All with a beautiful neckline.

What make the actor even more in love with Grey’s Anatomy. One thing is sure, the two lovebirds swim in happiness.

Now they only have only to go to the next red carpets, together. While waiting for that day to arrive, lovers are right to enjoy none of them from these romantic outings.

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