Grey’s Anatomy: Is Meredith going to learn the truth about her real father?

It may well be that in the sequel to Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Gray will make a big discovery about the identity of her real father!

In just a few weeks, fans will finally discover the sequel to Grey’s Anatomy. As with season 17, this new season could reserve very big surprises. Especially for Meredith Gray.

A new arrival in Grey’s Anatomy

A few years ago, Grey’s Anatomy became the longest-running medical series of all. While some expected the end of the series, the writers decided to extend for a new season 18.

A new actor will also make his debut in Grey’s Anatomy. This is Peter Gallagher. And the least we can say is that it should bring some worries with him in the medical drama.

The ABC channel revealed this week that Peter Gallagher will now have a recurring role in the series. Appeared in Grave and Frankie on Netflix. His fans will see him in a brand new role this time.

Peter Gallagher will become Dr. Alan Hamilton in the medical series. Deadline has also made some very astonishing revelations about his connection to Meredith. Indeed, the man knew the mother of the latter.

For her part, Kate Burton alias Ellis Gray will also make her return in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. While she passed away a long time ago, she should come back in the form of flashback in the sequel.

Fans should therefore discover new moments between Ellis and the new doctor. Some also have theories concerning the link that the latter has with Meredith.

Will Meredith find out the identity of her real father?

It could be that Ellis and Alan had a relationship before the surgeon married Thatcher. Shortly after her wedding, Ellis (Grey’s Anatomy) learned that she was expecting a baby. It may well be that his two relationships have overlapped.

Many therefore imagine that the new doctor of Grey’s Anatomy could be the real father of Meredith. One thing is certain, this new revelation could totally turn his life upside down.

It must be said that she keeps learning things about her. A few seasons ago, for example, Meredith found out that she had a half-sister. The latter is known to be Maggie Pierce.

Her father is Richard Webber. One thing is certain, the medical series never ceases to amaze fans. It may well be that these fall from above with the arrival of the doctor. One thing is for sure, they can’t wait to see what happens next.

It will still be necessary to be patient before discovering the sequel to Grey’s Anatomy. Season 18 is scheduled to premiere on September 30 on ABC. Some people really wonder what the series will book.

Fans are also hoping that old characters will make a comeback in the sequel. As a reminder, Derek, Lexie, George and Mark have made their comeback. They are returned to Meredith’s dreams.

As a reminder, the Grey’s Anatomy surgeon fell into a coma. The reason ? She caught the Covid 19. It will take patience before learn more about season 18. To be continued !