Grey’s Anatomy: Fans React to Owen and Teddy’s Feuds!

Teddy and Owen are reunited again in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. A situation that does not please fans of the show very much.

Teddy and Owen are back! The iconic couple from “Grey’s Anatomy” has indeed made a comeback. But the latter does not look very solid. To the chagrin of viewers who did not fail to react to the latest quarrels of the two lovebirds. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, the following article may contain SPOILERS!

Grey’s Anatomy a hit series

It has been several years since ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ makes fans happy on the small screen. And this, for the simple and good reason that the creation of Shonda Rhimes brilliantly mixes medical dramas and love stories.

Since the launch of the show, many Seattle Grace doctors have to find the right person within the establishment.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Quite the contrary. And if everything seems to be going well for a few episodes, problems always end up happening.

Thus, Cristina Yang experienced several love disappointments. Indeed, the star of “Grey’s Anatomy” has indeed almost married doctor Burke.

But as she walked to the altar, dressed in her sublime wedding dress, the young man made the decision to flee. A blow for Meredith’s BFF who had a hard time recovering.

But that’s not all ! For her part, the heroine of the series has also experienced several hardships. She also played cat and mouse for a long time with Dr. Mamour.

Fortunately, the couple ended up making things official. They then founded a pretty little family before Derek died tragically in a road accident. In addition, another duet from Grey’s Anatomy continues to be talked about. It’s about Owen and Teddy. MCE TV tells you more!

Owen and Teddy at war

Like all the couples in Grey’s Anatomy, Owen and Teddy have been through tough times. However, the two lovebirds are back in the last episodes of the series.

Unfortunately, they don’t spin the perfect love… Much to the chagrin of viewers who seem tired of seeing them tear each other apart like this.

“Can Teddy and Owen do five episodes without arguing ? », asked a fan visibly annoyed by the situation on Reddit.

“It is the inevitable conclusion of their relationship”, added another. But that’s not all ! Messages of the genre are numerous on the platform. “Can’t they just be together?” », « I wish Teddy would cheat on Owen”, “It’s so boring. Their marriage is toxic.

One thing is certain is that les fans de « Grey’s Anatomy » do not validate the iconic duo. It remains to be seen whether the disputes will continue or whether Owen and Teddy will finally make the right decision. That of saying goodbye once and for all.


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