Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo very moved to have found Kate Walsh!

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy is once again getting noticed. And for good reason, Ellen Pompeo seems happy to see Kate Walsh again.

The actors of Grey’s Anatomy are very close. Today, Ellen Pompeo admits to having been moved during his reunion with Kate Walsh. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy: the series is causing a stir

No one can miss the Gray’s Anatomy phenomenon. And for good reason, over time, the program was then imposed worldwide. Yes, just that!

It must be said that Grey’s Anatomy made a lot of noise. The episodes are then linked and fans of the series never get tired. And for good reason, they always ask for more.

Besides, the writers are ultra creative. Indeed, nothing ever goes as planned in the medical series. The characters then experience great moments. And the viewers too. Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

Love, clash, death, marriage, birth or even a turnaround, Grey’s Anatomy leaves nothing to chance. In short, life in Seattle is not the calmest. To the delight of fans of the series therefore.

Right now, season 18 is being broadcast. After 15 years of success, fans can find the characters much changed. And for good reason, since 2005, these have all changed. And yes, they have come a long way!

Moreover, the actors of Grey’s Anatomy spent a lot of time together on the set. Thus, Ellen Pompeo is very moved when she reunites with her colleague and friend Kate Walsh. MCE TV tells you more!

Grey's Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo very moved to have found Kate Walsh!
Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo very moved to have found Kate Walsh!

Ellen Pompeo delighted to see Kate Walsh again

Some of the actors in Grey’s Anatomy have really marked the history of the series. Thereby, their departure may affect fans of the program. Some players also show themselves to be very touched by these departures.

This is the case of Kate Walsh. As a reminder, the young woman had arrived in season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy and played the role of Addison. In season 2, she had become a staple character. But after these two intense years, she preferred to leave the series.

And for good reason, the beautiful actress had decided to devote time to another project. Indeed, she left to direct her own spin-off: Private Practice.

But do not panic, Addison Montgomery makes a comeback in the last installment of the series. Its interpreter Kate Walsh was therefore again present on the film sets.

Moreover, Ellen Pompeo seems delighted by this decision. The star of Grey’s Anatomy therefore confided in this subject duringan interview given to Daily Pop. Something to delight the most curious viewers then.

She then confided: “We went through something that only a few people can understand. We may have kissed and we cried. “ It must be said that the moment had to be rich in emotions.

The actress then returned to his relationship with his colleague : “You know how to get famous so quickly, the show was a big hit back then, and come together again and see that the show is still on the air. Knowing that our work has had such an impact, is quite moving. »

One thing is certain, Grey’s Anatomy has not finished surprising its fans. The series still reserves many surprises for viewers. In short, they just have to be ready. To be continued.


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