Grey’s Anatomy: Addison’s departure has totally turned the series upside down?

Addison has undoubtedly marked the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. In the past, the departure of his character has shocked viewers.

Addison was one of the favorite characters of the Grey’s Anatomy Aficionados. His departure also surprised many fans for several reasons. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

Grey’s Anatomy unleashes passions

For several years, the Grey’s Anatomy series has been making the best of ABC… But also TF1! It must be said that Shonda Rhimes always puts the small dishes in the big ones to satisfy viewers.

Between the love stories, the twists and turns in the OR … Or even the rivalries between surgeons, impossible to get bored in front of the show.

For the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy, fans had their share of emotions. Indeed, the Covid-19 has been integrated into the scenario.

Meredith Gray had to fight for her survival. Being a time in a coma, she was able to trade with missing relatives.

Like her sister Lexie Gray ou even Mark Sloan. The young woman was also able to chat with her soul mate Derek Shepherd.

An essential character of the saga also flew for new adventures. Yep, Jackson Avery packed his bags in Boston with April and their daughter Harriet.

A decision that saddened many of his admirers. A new start which marked the spirits …

In the past, Addison’s has also turned fiction upside down. As a reminder, the young woman conquered the crowds from the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.

At the time, she was also married to Derek… Something that shocked Meredith enormously.

Grey's Anatomy: Addison's departure has totally turned the series upside down?
Grey’s Anatomy: Addison’s departure has totally turned the series upside down?

The fans missed Addison

In Grey’s Anatomy, Addison and Meredith were constantly fighting over Derek Shepherd’s favors. A rivalry that pimpait brilliantly the saga.

However, the two women are always respected. Over the years, Meredith’s rival has won the crowds with her personality.

Deceived by Derek, she nevertheless ignored this betrayal for do their work without blinking. Over time, the doctor also befriended Callie. But also Miranda.

After doing wonders at Seattle Grace Hospital, Addison volunteered her services at the clinic Seaside Health and Wellness. The writers thought that his departure would go unnoticed… And they were wrong!

Addison scored Grey’s Anatomy. How to forget his repartee and his humor in one go?

His status at Seattle Grace Hospital was equal to that of Shepherd. Or even Preston Burke.

No one has managed to compete with his character. Plus, the love triangle formed by Meredith, Derek, and Addison was also fun to watch.

After the fact, Derek’s ex ended up making a comeback in the show the 18th salvo. It was high time!

For Variety, his interpreter Kate Walsh has moreover made some confidences. Here they are !

“It’s been years and years since every interview that I do … Someone asks me: so the fans want to know if you will ever return to Grey’s Anatomy? There it’s done ! And I believe it has was rather well received ”, she thus confessed. A good thing done ! To be continued…


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