Grey’s Anatomy: 9 projects that united the actors out of the series!

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy shared other projects outside of the production of Shonda Rhimes. This explains their relationship.

Apart from Grey’s Anatomy, the actors of the series are very united. And this, thanks to many projects in which they were able to participate together. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

It’s not just Grey’s Anatomy in life

For over 15 years now Grey’s Anatomy delighted fans on the small screen. Indeed, the series of Shonda Rhimes is surely one of the oldest yet being broadcast on the channels of the whole world.

And for good reason ! The director has succeeded in the challenge of mixing brilliantly medical dramas and stories of the heart. So much so that the faithful have never given up on American creation.

But as the actors blossomed through the episodes of the show, it seems they also had the opportunity to meet in other projects together.

And the least we can say is that it will have in particular allowed celebrities to bond. The site Screen Rant has therefore gathered all the productions in which we can see several members of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy.

Let’s start our overview right away with Audrey Wells’ feature film released in 2004, Under the Tuscan sun. In this film, the interpreter of Cristina Yang had the opportunity to shoot alongside Addison Montgomery.

Moreover, in the film, the two young women are even expecting a baby together! Let’s continue with Made Of Honor. If you’re used to seeing Patrick Dempsey in sexy doctor mode, know that the actor played in a kilt.

And this, with Kevin McKidd. The two men have the ambition to conquer the same woman. For that, they then chain the ridiculous demonstrations.

A memorable scene that is sure to make sensation among fans of the medical drama. MCE TV tells you more!

Grey's Anatomy: 9 projects that united the actors out of the series!
Grey’s Anatomy: 9 projects that united the actors out of the series!

Katherine Heigl and Jessica Capshaw in Valentin

Although Katherine Heigl didn’t stay long in Grey’s Anatomy, the actress still had the chance to meet one of his co-stars before the start of the series.

Besides, Jeffrey Dean Morgan et Wilmer Valderrama found themselves on the set of Days of Wrath. This feature film features many violent scenes, which seems very far from the life of Shonda Rhimes’ show.

Now back to Sandra Oh. Eh yes, the one who embodies Cristina Yang has many films to his credit. So much so that she had the opportunity to play alongside another actor in the series.

It is therefore in Diary of a Princess that the actress met Hector Elizondo, the interpreter of the father of Callie Torres. Now let’s continue with a completely different production.

In, The Practice, James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber) et Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) share the stage. While one slips into the shoes of a detective, the other plays a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Valentine’s Day also gathers Doctor Mamour and Doctor Sloan. Katherine Heigl shared the screen with Kevin McKidd. Finally, TR Knight and James Pickens Jr. reunited in 42 years old before Grey’s Anatomy.