Grey’s Anatomy: 3 cult actors of the show engaged in “Virgin River”!

Three stars from the series Grey’s Anatomy land in Virgin River on Netflix! We’ll give you more details.

Three actors from the series Grey’s Anatomy are also in Virgin River! MCE TV gives you more details.

Virgin River sur Netflix

Netfix subscribers know maybe the Virgin River series. It must be said that the show has changed their lives since it landed on their small screens in 2019.

For those who don’t know, this is actually a drama series based on the books by Robyn Carr. She tells the story of Melinda, a nurse, midwife who leaves her life in Los Angeles. for a fresh start to Virgin River.

While she has just moved in, Mel is drawn to Jack Sheridan, a retired sailor who now runs a bar in town. Fans of Robyn Carrr’s books recognize the characters in the series.

As for fans of the Grey’s Anatomy series, they will find some rather familiar faces! Indeed, there are some actors of the series Virgin River who have already played in the medical drama of Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy.

Those who watch the Netflix series already know who we are talking about. For the others, don’t panic, we’ll show you everything in a moment!

But first know that the series Virgin River is a great success with subscribers of the streaming platform. For the moment, the American giant remains very discreet on a possible 4th season.

Moreover, no release date has been revealed. But the fans remain hopeful! Indeed, faced with such large audiences, it is believed that Netflix could renew the series for a new season.

Grey's Anatomy: 3 cult actors of the show engaged in "Virgin River" !

De Grey’s Anatomy à Virgin River

As we told you, some actors of the series Virgin River are not completely foreign to fans of Grey’s Anatomy! And for good reason, they were part of the medical series for a while.

Starting with Martin Henderson. The young man is well known to fans of Grey’s Anatomy. We remind you that he lent his features to Nathan Riggs character.

The latter is one of the first lovers Meredith knew after Derek’s death. In total, the young actor appeared in 48 episodes of the medical series between 2015 and 2017.

In Virgin River, actress Zibby Allen plays Jack’s sister, Brie. But in the famous medical series, the young woman appeared in the 2nd season as a nurse.

Finally, Jenny Cooper plays the role of the sister ainée de Mel, Jo dans Virgin River. But in the medical drama, it was as Bethany Tanner that fans had discovered her.

She indeed played dans Episode 112 titled Sledgehammer. The young woman refused to accept her daughter’s sexuality. Then she shocked the doctors so much that they had to call child protection services. Just that !

The medical series isn’t the only place Virgin River has found its cast. Indeed, there is also an actor from the series The Vampire Diaries. It’s about indeed from Daniel Gillies!


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