Grey’s Anatomy: 10 facts about Cristina Yang who aged very badly!

Years after her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina Yang is still talking about her. But this time it’s not a positive.

If Cristina Yang is one of the most popular characters of the series Grey’s Anatomy, It seems like several traits of his personality have aged badly. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy a top medical series

It has now been over 15 years since Grey’s Anatomy delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! Shonda Rhimes’ creation seems to bring everyone together the elements necessary for a successful production.

Eh yes ! The series brilliantly combines medical dramas and love stories. And the least we can say is that season after season, the writers give everything in their power. to offer top-notch plots.

A few weeks ago, season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy also landed on ABC. And for this new adventure, the production had planned to put the small dishes in the big ones.

In the program, the return of Addison Montgomery, but also a new relationship. Indeed, Meredith Gray should soon find something to suit her.

But while waiting to learn more about this arc, Screen Rant preferred to be interested in a completely different character. An emblematic doctor of Grey’s Anatomy who has been out of the hospital for some time.

This is Cristina Yang. Despite his departure, the pretty brunette continues to talk about her. But unfortunately, some traits of his personality no longer fit unanimity among fans of the show. MCE TV tells you more!

Grey's Anatomy: 10 facts about Cristina Yang who aged very badly!

The personality of Cristina Yang

Years have passed and Cristina Yang doesn’t seem to like anymore as much to the fans as to its beginnings. The reason ? The character played by Sandra Oh has aged badly. Here’s why :

His relationship with Burke

For many episodes, viewers did believe that Burke and Cristina were going to live a love story worthy of Meredith and Derek.

Bad luck, things did not go as planned. Quite the contrary. And if you look closely at the first 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, you will see that the two lovebirds had no future.

Not only does Burke attempt to transform Cristina, but Doctor Grey’s BFF allows herself to be humiliated during the wedding ceremony. An episode of incredible sadness.

His determination in Grey’s Anatomy

For months, the pretty brunette has shown unwavering determination. But the latter ended up being unhealthy. Why the young woman wanted at all costs keep from seeing other services? There’s no denying it, Cristina was the most stubborn character in Grey’s Anatomy.

His relationship with Owen

After her relationship with Burke broke down, Cristina fell in love with Owen. But again, things have gone wrong. And for a very simple reason. The couple did not have the same goals.

They then destroyed themselves before say goodbye once and for all. And in this story, the doctor was far from exemplary.

His relationship with his superiors in Grey’s Anatomy

It’s no secret Cristina Yang has never been a fan of authority. Moreover, the surgeon was sometimes so sure of herself that she did not hesitate to question her superiors.

His way of being with his colleagues

And if the character played by Sandra Oh has often undermined the authority of his bosses, she also tried to undermine her own colleagues. Just that !

The nicknames she dtrainees were taught

When it came to interns, his attitude was also far from unanimous among fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Sense of superiority… When you hold us.

His involvement after patients

So you will understand, Cristina Yang is not a model of virtue. And this, neither with his boss, nor with his colleagues, but even less with his patients.

His behavior with Lexie

So it’s no wonder she has shows brutality in his remarks against the rival of his BFF. Sacred Cristina!


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