Greenland 2: Gerard Butler will be present in the sequel to the disaster film

Despite a theatrical release plagued by the health crisis, Greenland: the Last Refuge has managed to make its mark at the global box office and on VOD platforms. What to satisfy the producers since a continuation is in the boxes.

Greenland will have the right to a sequel

The film Greenland – The last refuge landed last summer as the health crisis raged across the globe. Therefore, it could not be scheduled in American theaters, thus limiting itself to a release on HBO Max. Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, the feature film had however been shown in some countries. These include Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Russia.

Enough to allow producers to earn $ 52.3 million all the same (for a budget of $ 35 million). And this without counting the benefits perceived thanks to VOD. An acceptable score given the context. Therefore, a sequel has already been confirmed, reveals Deadline. We will find there Gerard Butler (300, RocknRolla) who will resume his role of John Garrity. Morena Baccarin (Homeland, Gotham) will also step into Allison Garrity’s shoes again. And the film already has a title: Greenland: Migration.

Greenland Migration: the sequel to the disaster movie won’t land anytime soon!

But what will be the plot of this sequel? We will therefore follow the Garrity family after they survived the fall of an interstellar comet on Earth. She will then have to abandon her secure bunker in Greenland to begin a new quest full of dangers through the frozen wastelands of the Old Continent. The objective is to find a new anchor point. It remains to be seen whether the emphasis will once again be placed on the psychology of the protagonists in the face of such a catastrophe. Or if this second part will be more action-oriented.

Either way, director Ric Roman Waugh will be returning to service. Chris Sparling will take charge of writing the script again. Note, however, that this film is not planned immediately. And for good reason, the shooting should start only next year. It will thus probably be released in 2023, at the earliest.



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