Great Spots To Farm Lotus Head In Genshin Impact Lotus Head Places

Great Spots To Farm Lotus Head In Genshin Impact Lotus Head Places:

Genshin Impact has a lot to do with cooking. Food can give your group buffs, resistances, healing, or even bring back characters who have died. Every part of Teyvat will provide you with an opportunity to learn new recipes, since each area has its own set of tasty ingredients.

It’s Always Good TO Grow Lotus Head:

In Liyue, Lotus Head is one of these ingredients. It grows in pools all over the area. This ingredient is used in a lot of local dishes, so it’s always good to grow a lot of it. Here’s where to go in Genshin Impact to farm for lotus heads.

Players of Genshin Impact will need a lot of different kinds of resources for different things. Some things you find in the world are able to make powerful alchemy recipes, as well as some things, like dandelion seeds, are needed to level up your character.

Lotus Heads are another thing that players will require a lot of, since the Adventurer’s Guild often gives them as jobs.

What’s Lotus Head?

Lotus Head is a cooking component which is found in Liyue in Genshin Impact. It is used in a number of different dishes. Find out where Lotus Head is, the excellent spot to farm, where to purchase pinecones from a seller, how to properly utilize them, and more.

How To Grow Lotus Head:

Lotus Head is an ingredient that can only be used in cooking in the Liyue area of Genshin Impact. You will find them growing in pools of water, with several plants close to each other. Even now, there are certain places where there are more Lotus Heads, making them great places to farm them.

Every Place For Lotus Head:

The road that goes through Stone Gate is one of the best spots for searching for Lotus Head. Since this road is next to bodies of water, you can just pick the plants along the manner whenever you drive on it. The pool west of Quingyun Peak as well as the Luhua Pool are also great places to visit.

And while you’re farming at Luhua Pool, you can easily get more Lotus Heads by going west to the pool under Dunyu Ruins.

Where You Can Find Two Places to Buy Lotus Heads:

If you want to buy Lotus Heads, you can do so at two different shops in the game. Chef Mao is one, and Herbalist Gui is the other. Both merchants are in Liyue Harbor, and each sells 10 lotus heads for 300 mora each. Every three days, they get more lotus heads.

How to obtain Lotus Heads in other ways:

Another great way to get more Lotus Heads is to go on expeditions in Liyue. If you like gardening, that’s also a good choice. You can grow Lotus Heads by gardening in an Orderly Meadow. From a Lotus Seed to a Lotus Head takes 2 days and 22 hours.

What Is The Use Of Lotus Heads:

Item Recipe
Jewelry Soup 2 Snapdragon + 2 Tofu + 1 Lotus head
Cloud-Shrouded Jade 1 Lotus Head + 1 Bird Egg + 1 Sugar
Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup 1 Lotus Head + 1 Bird Egg + 1 Sugar
Universal Peace 4 Rice + 2 Lotus Head + 2 Carrot + 2 Berry
Quingce Household Dish 3 Mushroom + 2 Lotus Head + 1 Jueyun Chili + 1 Cabbage
Prosperous Peace 4 Rice + 2 Lotus Head + 2 Carrot + 2 Berry
Jade Parcels 3 Lotus Head + 2 Jueyun Chili + 2 Cabbage + 1 Ham
Quingce Stir Fry 3 Mushroom + 2 Lotus Head + 1 Jueyun Chili + 1 Cabbage


Other Items:

Item Effect Recipe
Streaming Essential Oil Increases party’s Hydro DMG. 1 Frog + 1 Lotus Head + 100 Mora
Desiccant Potion Increases party’s Hydro RES. 1 Butterfly Wings + 1 Lotus Head + 100 Mora



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