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Gorilla Glass Victus 2: the next range of iPhone will be particularly resistant to falls… on concrete

Corning remains a privileged partner of Apple for the manufacture of theiPhone. The manufacturer of protective glasses for mobiles and tablets has just unveiled the Gorilla Glass 2, its new generation of ultra-resistant glass. And the lab tests speak for themselves. The next iPhone equipped with Gorilla glass Victus 2 should fall without any damage from a height of one meter on concrete, and two meters on asphalt. When you know how concrete is an ultra dense and solid material…

Even if the drop tests in the lab do not return the blows and the situations are very different in the real environment, there is no doubt that this new ultra-resistant glass should still improve the rate of screen breakage (which is not a reason of course to treat your iPhone as if it were a petanque ball). Corning even displays particularly high ambitions: thus, for David Velasquez, the current boss of Corning, the prospect of an unbreakable smartphone is no longer a technological utopia; by the iPhone 16 perhaps?


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