Google Pixel 2 Specs Leak, Hint at Not Too Big Improvements in Hardware

10 days ago when I wrote about cancellation of a Google Pixel 2 version, I had pointed towards the possibility of a massive Google Pixel 2 XL as the mid-sized variant had been killed. Now it seems that my assessment was true. Citing a source who has probably spent some time with at least one of these phones Mario Tomás Serrafero of XDA has written about the possible specs of both these smartphones. And based on what he has written it seems certain that while this year’s Pixel devices will be impressive by all means, they’re unlikely to include some of the most anticipated features. Take a look at the specs listed below to understand why I’m saying so:


According to above linked XDA post, the smaller Google Pixel 2 is likely to be similar to its predecessor with same screen size, same bezels, and same design language. However, inclusion of stereo speakers can turn out to be a major new feature, but that too is expected to come at the expense of 3.5mm headphone jack! Besides that Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage are other things that may make up the specs sheet of this phone.


Now let’s meet the big brother. The larger of both Pixel 2 smartphones, aka Pixel 2 XL, may come with 5.99-inches large OLED display with 1,440p resolution. This device is also likely to have narrower bezels than its predecessor Pixel XL, which is a much-needed change to stay in line with market expectations.

Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM are expected to be packed inside this beast as well, but with a more generous 128GB of internal storage. The back of the device is reportedly going to be made of glass and metal, just like the one that was seen on last year’s Pixel XL, but this time without enclosing the fingerprint sensor. And no – it’s unlikely to have a dual-camera setup on its back!

That’s All Fine, But Just Fine Only!

Now this leaves us with two great smartphones with premium specs and builds quality, but with features that don’t align with market expectations. The whole tech world is going after dual-lens camera setups, and it would have been great if Google would also have included it in its Pixel 2 XL. But it seems that it hasn’t – at least not for now!

Another major thing to watch out for will be the narrowness of its bezels – if it comes close to that of other all-screen smartphones then it will be great, otherwise, that will also be a step behind from the rest of industry (but still ahead of its predecessor).

RAM is another major point of concern as of now, as smartphones are coming out with 6 and even 8 gigs of RAM but Pixel 2 XL is expected to come with only 4 gigs of it. I wish Google can offer this device with more RAM choices!

Camera, screen and RAM options will be 3 major areas to watch carefully when both these smartphones are launched. As of now, I don’t see any major, industry-leading specs in these departments.

Pixel 2 phones are expected to be announced in October, which means Google will also be the last in a series of flagship product launches that’re expected to be kicked off from August with the launch of some Samsung and LG flagships. I wish Google can utilize this time of 3 months to further improve its Pixel 2 offerings. And actually, it’s a must for it – especially if it wants to fulfill its ambition of challenging Apple’s dominance in the premium smartphone segment.


  1. If the Pixel 2 has a headphone jack it is my next phone. I have my doubts Google would be so stupid to remove. But guess time will tell.


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