Google Photos: you can hide your sensitive photos in a locked folder

Google’s keynote was held Tuesday evening. In particular, we learned that Google Photos was going to be enhanced with a very practical feature. It will indeed be possible to classify your private photos in a locked folder, accessible by entering a password.

Google Photos

As of June 1, the free and unlimited storage of photos on Google Photos will end. To benefit from more than 15 GB of space, you will need to take out a subscription costing 1.69 euros per month (for an additional 100 GB). And this is not the only novelty that is about to impose itself on the service. Organized on Tuesday evening, the annual Google I / O conference allowed us to learn that a new feature was going to be introduced.

This will allow you to hide certain images so that they do not automatically appear in your photo stream or in other applications. In other words, you can drag them into a locked folder which will be protected by a password. It’s easy to understand how useful this feature can be. Indeed, who has never lent their phone to show one or two photos before fearing that the person will come across a sensitive image? And thus to hope that it does not scroll too much to the left or to the right.

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Google Photos: a locked folder to avoid unpleasant surprises

Thanks to the locked file, these fears will be a thing of the past. But what about its availability? The feature will first land on Google Pixel smartphones. Before being rolled out to other Android phones throughout the year. Note that holders of a Pixel can even configure their camera so that their photos and videos are stored directly in the confidential folder.

Other new features were also announced for Google Photos. The application will be able in particular to create animations by assembling two or three pictures having a similar appearance. Thanks to machine learning, it will slide in particular intermediate images to make everything more fluid. You will then benefit from pretty GIFs that will remind you of good memories.



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