Google Maps will soon show you how to take the cheapest route

Google Maps will show its users the price of the tolls that will stand in their way. Those who want to save money can then choose the cheapest route before their trip.

Google Maps will show tolls

The Mountain View giant keeps updating its mapping service. Lately, Google Maps had added a feature to avoid crowded public transport. It is also now possible to navigate indoors in public places on Maps. At the start of the week, Android Police is sharing some notable information with us from the beta testers program.

In this case, the application will indicate in the future the prices of the tolls that you will encounter on your route. As usual, users will have the choice of several routes before setting off. Each of the options will then be accompanied by their total cost according to the tolls. It will thus be possible to opt for the most financially accessible route. Until now, Google Maps already indicated the presence of tolls on the road without giving their exact prices. A gap that is finally about to disappear.

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The price of the tolls was already indicated on Waze

Other transit points (such as bridges) that require payment should also be considered. It remains to be seen whether the price of each toll will appear in the application. Or if the users will only have access to the total amount, all tolls combined. This feature is not, however, a notable innovation in the navigation application market. And for good reason, it is already topical on Waze for a few years. Moreover, the application is the property of Google which bought it in 2013.

It would thus be probable that Google Maps takes over the information disseminated by Waze on the price of tolls. Information which is notably shared in real time by users, the platform being essentially community-based. We are now waiting to learn more about the date of deployment of this feature on Google Maps. For the moment, it has not yet appeared in the beta program where only an investigation has been carried out on this subject.



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