Google launches a new Chromecast at a low price, know everything

He was at the heart of many rumors for a few weeks already, the new Google Chromecast has recently been formalized by the American giant. A new little dongle that goes by the name “Chromecast HD with Google TV“, and which will come to settle alongside the 4K model, already available for a few months. A simpler, more basic model, but which nevertheless has serious arguments against the 4K version, especially in terms of price.

The new Google Chromecast is already here!

Indeed, it is via a simple update of its online store that Google finally agrees to formalize this new Chromecast. The latter now appears alongside the Chromecast 4K, and resumes its identical design.

On the Google store, at the time of purchase, all you have to do is select the desired version, HD or 4K, with a sale price of €69.99 for the 4K version, compared to only €39.99 for the new one. HD grind. For now, the 4K version is available in three colors, against only one (white) for the HD version.

A model that comes with a remote control to make the most of the Google TV experience. On the technical side, this new Chromecast HD with Google TV is (once again) limited to only 8 GB of storage, but the latter is however delivered as standard with Android 12. No more update problems encountered by the 4K version thanks to support for streaming updates.

For the rest, no surprises to report, with an identical design and very simple operation which requires connecting the Chromecast to a USB socket and to a screen via HDMI. Obviously, as its name suggests, the Chromecast HD is not 4K compatible, and the resolution displayed on the screen will be limited to 1080p.



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