Google Chrome: how to activate hidden reading mode?

Google Chrome includes a reading mode that allows you to consult a page in optimal conditions. The functionality, however, is hidden in the bowels of the browser. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to activate it.

Google Chrome: activate reading mode

In terms of reading mode, Google’s browser has been slow to catch up with its competitors. In 2019, Chrome users were finally able to benefit from it. Concretely, this functionality makes it possible to consult a web page in Zen mode while having access only to its content, without the skin of the site and the invasive advertisements.

The sections of the site, the icons for sharing on social networks, the videos, the comments or even the suggestions for internal links disappear. Ultimately, reading becomes a hell of a lot more enjoyable. The background is plain and only the text is highlighted.

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How do I activate Google Chrome’s reading mode?

Google has not made it easy for users since reading mode cannot be activated in the menu or in the settings. We can assume that the web giant prefers to prevent them from resorting to it since it allows ads to disappear. First, you must go to the section Flags to activate it. Make sure your browser is up to date then follow these steps:

  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode in the address bar of your browser.
  • Toggle the drop-down menu to the option Enabled to activate the reading mode.

Reading mode on Chrome

  • Click on the button Restart to restart your browser.

Reading mode on Google Chrome

  • Reading mode is now functional! To take advantage, click on play icon which now appears on the address bar.

Google Chrome in reading mode

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  • You have reached the end of this tutorial! From now on, you will only have to click on the aforementioned icon to read content more comfortably.

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