Google announces good news for left-handers

Google has been offering the Wear OS operating system for left-handers for years. However, compared to watchOS, this one never really made the weight. And many manufacturers, who had partnered with Google to equip their watches with Wear OS, ended up abandoning the operating system in favor of homemade software.

But this year, the situation could change since, thanks to a new partnership with Samsung, Google has been able to greatly improve its OS for watches. And on top of that, the firm will also adapt Wear OS to left-handers.

Apparently, for many lefties, the way some watches are designed isn’t optimized. And with a future Wear OS update, Google will fix that.

Just rotate 180°

In an article published recently, the Android Central site relays a Twitter user who discovered a comment from a Google employee concerning the adaptation of Wear OS for left-handers, on a forum of the firm.

More exactly, Google answered the request of a person who asked for a functionality allowing to make a rotation of 180° of the screen. “My Android Wear watch has buttons on one side. And I would like to wear the watch upside down on my other arm (I’m left-handed”, this person wrote.

And recently, an employee announced that this feature is under development. “Our development team has implemented the feature you requested and will be available on future new devices”, says this one.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when this feature will arrive. But in any case, it could help boost the shares of Google’s OS, which also benefits from the merger with Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

As a reminder, it was during the Google I/O conference in 2021 that this partnership was announced. And Samsung has already released its Galaxy Watch 4 which uses this mix of the two operating systems.

Wear OS finally takes off thanks to Samsung

So far, this effort is paying off. Indeed, thanks to the arrival of Samsung on the Wear OS ecosystem, its market share has increased. And Samsung’s sales surged in the third quarter of 2021.

“Thanks to the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung achieved its highest quarterly shipments, closing the gap with Apple and regaining second place from Huawei”, comments the company Counterpoint Research in a study on this subject. According to this, the market share of Wear OS increased from 4% in the second quarter of 2021 to 17% in the third quarter.

And while Samsung’s new watch is already on the market, Google is preparing to finally launch the Pixel Watch. Currently, many rumors are already circulating about this future Google product which will benefit from the new Wear OS platform, but also from the technologies of Fitbit, the specialist in connected watches and bracelets that Google bought for 2.1 billion dollars.


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