Google and Facebook receive “huge” fines in France (a drop in the bucket)

The CNIL comes from fines 150 and 60 million euros to Google and Facebook. The data officer has indeed noted that ” the, and sites do not allow you to refuse cookies as simply as to accept them. She also urges these companies to become compliant within three months.

The CNIL has been criticized for its inaction in the past

As noted by our colleagues from World, it is a record amount for this administrative authority which had already sanctioned Google with a fine of 100 million euros, still on the subject of cookies. These amounts may be high, but they are still largely bearable for these two companies which make billions of dollars in profits each year.

In detail, the CNIL noted that the three sites mentioned offer a button that allows you to immediately accept cookies. On the other hand, refusing them turns out to be more delicate and no “equivalent solution” is proposed.

In the next three months, Google and Facebook will therefore have to rectify the situation. And if this is still not done, they are exposed to a fine of 100,000 euros per day of delay, specifies the CNIL.

Google did not fail to react to this announcement through a spokesperson: ” Internet users trust us to respect their right to privacy and ensure their security. In accordance with these expectations, we are committed to implementing new changes, as well as to working actively with the CNIL in response to its decision, within the framework of the ePrivacy directive. »

In the past, the CNIL had been criticized for its action considered a little too timid against the giants of the web. The squaring of the Net explained in particular last May: ” To hide its resignation on the most serious subjects, the CNIL is reduced to highlighting today its start of action against cookies – while this action should have started in 2018 but that the CNIL had offered without justification three years of respite from law-breaking websites. »



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