Good news, a new network of fast charging stations is coming to France

Good news for all drivers (and future drivers) of electric vehicles, since a brand new network of fast charging stations is being set up in France. Indeed, alongside the vast Ionity network and other terminals currently scattered across the country, a brand new network called e-Vadea is about to see the light of day on our highways. A project led by the Ecological Transport Modernization Fund (FMET) and SPIE CityNetworks.

A new ultra-fast charging network in France

Thus, the new e-Vadea network is a national network of ultra-fast charging stations, which will include up to 12 charging points, accessible to any type of vehicle. No worries, therefore, if you drive a Tesla, Hyundai, Kia or Porsche, you will be able to take advantage of this new network without any compatibility problems.

From a geographical point of view, 13 stations will be installed initially, in the eastern part of the country. Each station will have a total of a dozen terminals, which will provide charging power ranging from 150 to 300 kW. The stations will be installed on the motorways going from the North-East quarter of the territory to Bordeaux and Monaco on the APRR and VINCI Autoroutes networks.

From the definition of site potential, to the design/installation of terminals, including operation, maintenance and customer service (provided by its in-house ORIOS solution), SPIE controls the entire service and supply chain. value” explain the creators of this e-Vadea network. Note that access to the terminals will be done directly via a badge, or a simple bank card. No need for a subscription or special card, therefore, the simplification of the customer journey having been thought of as a priority here.

At present, the opening of the e-Vadea network is scheduled for the end of 2022. The prices have not yet been communicated. So be patient.


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