GoldenEye 007 is finally coming to Nintendo Switch Online… and Xbox Game Pass

But one gets the style, and the other the fun

GoldenEye 007 is finally about to land on Switch, coming soon to owners of the Additional Pass du Nintendo Switch Onlinegiving access au catalogue Nintendo 64.

The other piece of information that will please the now thirty-somethings who have spent sleepless nights in four connected controllers on the same console will be happy to hear that…yes, the title will be well and truly playable online.

In parallel, Rare has confirmed that the title will also be available soon on Microsoft’s Game Passin a modern version that benefits high resolutions et of a fluid framerate. However, and this is where it hurts, making the situation quite… incomprehensible: this PC and Xbox version will not be not playable online (although local multiplayer is still active).

From what we understand is that la version Switch is an emulation of the game N64leveraging Nintendo technologies developed for other virtual consoles in order to allow online gambling… which will surely be local “remote” play, like other retro games available on the console. On the Microsoft side, no turnkey solution exists for this, and it would probably require too much effort to provide a similar experience… and even more to a true online mode in good and due form.


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