God of War: Ragnarök details its various graphical modes

Fluid violence

Only a week left before the release of God of War: Ragnarök, of which we already say a lot of good things in our test. It’s a good time for PlayStation to reveal the different display modes from the last game de PlayStation Santa Monicawho sees himself the daunting task of exploiting the capabilities of two generations of consoles.

Indeed, depending on whether you play on PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5you will not be in the same boat… which may differ more depending on embedded technologies of your TV/monitor.

Of course, the best experience is sur PlayStation 5 : Quality mode assure native 4K (2160p) to a framerate of 30 frames per secondwhile performance mode sierra plus to players now used to at the sacrosanct 60FPSmade possible by dynamic resolution honest who won’t come down below 1440p.

TVs au standard HDMI 2.1 and who can display more than 60 images per second will allow you to choose a mode Performance en 1440p with an unlocked framerate, while Quality mode will ensure the 40 FPS stables (to the detriment of la 4K native). Finally, TVs compatible with variable refresh rates (VRR) will fully unlock Quality mode framerates, giving the possibility at the PS5 to allow a few spikes in cooling when the situation allows.

For those who have not yet had the joy of getting their hands on a PlayStation 5know that la PlayStation 4 et in the Pro version are not left out. If the standard version of the previous Sony console allows you to enjoy the game en Full HD (1080p) à 30 FPSthe version PS4 Pro will take advantage of God of War: Ragnarök in higher resolutions, namely between 1080p et 1656p en mode Performanceand between 1440p and 1656p in Quality mode.

It remains to be seen whether these different modes also modify the shaders used in game, but as said witches in his test, we must admit that the latest Santa Monica game is “sublime”.

God of War: Ragnarök is of course sublime. Its predecessor was already not really disgusting to watch, but there with the power of the PS5 behind, we also have the right to foolproof fluidity. The artistic direction is also largely there and the different kingdoms, at the dawn of ragnarök, are magnificent. We also regularly take the time to stop to contemplate the landscape, while we are in an action game, remember.


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