Ghost of Tsushima review: Director’s Cut – Like Ghost of Tsushima, but better

Obviously, the first thing that interests us in this Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is l’extension Iki Island, which allows you to go… to the island of Iki. This is housed right in the middle of the main adventure and you can go there after reaching act 2. Jin learns that a threat hangs over Iki and therefore decides to take a boat to get there.

He will have to face the Mongolian Eagle tribe, led by a powerful shaman. However, the fight against the invader is not the only ordeal that awaits Jin, as he will also discover the dark secrets of the island and more particularly facing the troubled past of the Sakai clan.

Iki Island turns out to be a very satisfying adventure and with its own identity. The atmosphere is different from Tsushima since Jin is found on an island that doesn’t want him : Iki is hostile to the samurai, so he will once again have to put his principles aside to have any chance of defeating the Eagle Tribe.

Above all, this adventure further deepens the character highlighting his past and that of his family through flashbacks. The writing of Sucker Punch manages once again to hit the mark.


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