Ghost Game Phasmophobia Creates Scary Environment All Over Steam and Twitch

Phasmophobia, as you all know is one of the most popular games and it is a four-person co-op game that is currently enjoying some serious popularity.

Due to its super scary content, the game is spreading scares and creating a terrific environment all over Steam and Twitch. It is a perfect game for the spooky season and there are so many interested gamers who are looking forward to playing it.

You must know that the Phasmophobia is a game in which you have to hunt down the ghosts and creepy creatures with the help of three other players using different ghost hunting tools.

It is essential for you to use different tools of the ghost hunting trade in order to find some scary spirits. One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to be prepared enough to face jump scares, puzzle-solving, and many more perks where there are great chances of the players pissing themselves.

Kinetic Games is the one-person studio behind this Phasmophobia game. It may seem like the popularity and fame of the Phasmophobia lies in its communication format that is mainly based on location and direction.

That means the players will only be able to hear things around themselves and talk with other players of the team through a radio. Oh, and you can talk to the ghosts directly. 

Phasmophobia is indeed one of the top six games that became popular on Twitch within a very little time.

It peaked at four over the last weekend and you must know that it did manage to get 11.7 million views on the Phasmophobia hashtag on TikTok. Also, most of the videos that you will see in the Hashtags are of Twitch clips. 


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