Genshin Impact leak suggests dog arrival

As the deployment of Genshin Impact patch 2.3 looms on the horizon, a new leak has disclosed the arrival of a new playmate.

On November 12, miHoYo made Genshin Impact players’ mouth watering by unveiling the patch 2.3 trailer on their YouTube channel.

While the release of Arataki Itto and Gorou will undoubtedly be the headliner for this next patch, beta leaks have revealed that a new playmate should also be in the game.

Unlike the current allies players have, Kageroumaru is said to be a samurai-themed little dog that can be unlocked through Genshin Impact’s Serenitea pot. This is where players should be able to interact and train with the dog.

Familiar with Genshin Impact?

It’s been a while since Genshin Impact players have been clamoring for pets, and it looks like miHoYo has finally made up its mind to grant their wish with the introduction of Kageroumaru. Images of this cunning dog were leaked by Yukikami_Kris, a well-known dataminer.

The clip he shared shows a small dog wielding a katana and wearing a straw hat. This companion dog should be entitled to an event that will require players to investigate a series of mysterious cases that have occurred across Inazuma.

Once the event is over, players should be able to add Kageroumaru to their Serenitea pot. Yukikami_Kris explained that the companion dog will function like other interactive animals in the player’s living area.

“Kageroumaru stands without doing anything and follows you when you are nearby. If you stray too far, it will return to where you placed it ”, he explained. “By attacking him, he will try to parry your attacks, but be careful, not always!”.

Although Kageroumaru will not follow the adventurers during their explorations, this reward remains unmissable.


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