Genshin Impact: a Vtuber would be the archon of Dendro?

After coming across a number of quite striking similarities, several Genshin Impact players seem to be convinced that a Vtuber would be Dendro’s next Archon.

The Sumeru region may not be news on Genshin Impact yet, but this has not stopped some rumors from circulating. After supposed images of the region, it is now green the next Archon of Dendro that all eyes are on.

So far no glimpse of the character has come to the surface, but whatever. That hasn’t stopped Genshin Impact players from trying to restore his appearance at all costs.

Genshin Impact

So far very few details have been shared regarding the Sumeru region

So much so that the recent description from a well-known dataminer has caused a VTuber to be mistaken for the divinity of Sumeru.

A Genshin Impact leak with unexpected consequences

A popular dataminer has revealed that according to him “The outfit of the Archon Dendro is similar to the skirt of Paimon”, while her hair is white with touches of gray. The description was very sketchy, so many players tried to fill in the blanks on their own.

This is how a VTuber was mistaken for Dendro’s next character. Nevertheless, although this content creator officiates on Genshin Impact, he has no connection with the character, as some players have pointed out, pointing out that it is just coincidence.

The only reliable information we have so far regarding the Sumeru region comes from the first images of the construction of Sumeru City, the center of the region which is said to be the size of “3 Wangshu hostels stacked on top of each other”.

Meanwhile, the hottest rumor is that YaoYao could be Genshin Impact’s first playable Dendro character.

Either way, for now, it looks like players are going to have to take their pains patiently before miHoYo gives details on Dendro’s next Archon.


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