GeForce RTX 3080 Ti: release date, technical sheet, price, all info

It’s official: the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti arrives on June 3, 2021. For now, the 3080 remains the best choice for those looking for a mainstream gaming graphics card. What are the characteristics of the RTX 3080 Ti? At what price and what is its positioning compared to the RTX 3080 and 3090?

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

Has the RTX 2080 Ti just had its successor? Last year, Nvidia created a surprise by formalizing a completely new range, the RTX 30. The performance leap is remarkable and marks the greatest advance from one generation to the next. The all-powerful RTX 2080 Ti has lost its splendor in favor of a new supercharged range. The old benchmark of Nvidia graphics cards is even surpassed by the RTX 3070. When compared to the RTX 3080, the gap is even greater.

The new GeForce RTX 3090 is not really its replacement given its characteristics which are closer to a graphics card from the Titan range. It is ideal for professionals and for 8K gaming. For 4K gaming, the GeForce RTX 3090 does not offer significant performance gains compared to the RTX 3080. Yet, its standard price is twice as high. It goes without saying that a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is welcome for those looking for even more headroom compared to the 3080.

Nvidia GeForce 3080 Ti: release date and price

The RTX 3080 Ti (and RTX 3070 Ti) were officially unveiled on June 1, 2021 during the NVIDIA Computex. Here are the release dates and prices:

  • The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti will be available on June 3 for 1199 euros
  • The GeForce RTX 3070 Ti will be available on June 10 for 619 euros

For your information, the listed price of the RTX 3070 is 519 euros in Founders Edition. The RTX 3080 costs 719 euros and the RTX 3090 1,549 euros.

The launch of the RTX 3080 Ti was closely related to the state of shortage of other graphics cards in the series. As of mid-April, several images of the GPU had been leaked, like the one below. Videocardz announced, based on information from its sources, that the graphics card would be launched in May 2021.

RTX 3080 Ti image

The veil is therefore lifted since the card will be available for purchase on the Nvidia website from June 3, 2021.

As for the price, the huge difference between the RTX 3080 and the 3090 left a big margin for the RTX 3080 Ti to position itself between the two series. Everyone expected a price around 1000 euros for the Founders Edition, the same as that of the AMD RX 6900 XT.

There is a big difference between the recommended price and the market prices. The RTX 3080 when you find it costs more than 2000 € at most merchants. We find especially the custom models while the FE is almost non-existent. Since the RTX 3080 shortage is not about to end by the end of the year, the RTX 3080 Ti should quickly trade at gold prices.

GeForce RTX 3080 Ti: the technical sheet

If there’s one feature of the RTX 3080 that leaves users hungry for more, it’s its amount of VRAM. It is only 10 GB while the mid-range RTX 3060 offers 12. The 10 GB bytes are all the more modest as the graphics card has a 320-bit memory interface. The first leaks concerning the RTX 3080 Ti suggested that it would correct the situation with 20 GB of GDDR6X memory. This is not the case.

Some sources mentioned 12 GB of VRAM, the same amount of memory as the RTX 3060, as well as a memory bus width of 384 bits. These sources were just aiming. Again, would Nvidia have chosen to underuse the potential of the RTX 3080 Ti? To our understanding, this is where the interest of the 3080 Ti should be played compared to the RTX 3080. We could therefore reasonably expect a VRAM close to 20 GB.

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Especially since when Nvidia launched the GeForce RTX 3060, the company justified the choice of a 12 GB VRAM (instead of 6 GB which would have been sufficient for gaming in 1080p) by its desire to offer its users as much RAM as the memory bus allows. Logic wanted the RTX 3080 Ti to clearly stand out from the standard version on this point.

There are 10,240 CUDA cores, which is a considerable jump compared to the 8,704 cores of the RTX 3080. We should thus have a graphics card close to the performance of the RTX 3090 which has 10,496 CUDA cores. There are also 320 Tensor cores (up from 238). These cores are dedicated to artificial intelligence and Nvidia’s DLSS. It also benefits from 80 RT cores (compared to 58) for ray tracing. The memory bandwidth goes from 760 Gb / s to 912 Gb / s, the memory bus from 320-bit to 384-bit. The TDP only goes from 320W to 350W.

here is technical sheet from GeForce RTX 3080 Ti :

  • GPU : 8 nm GA102
  • CUDA cores: 10,240
  • Cœurs TENSOR : 320
  • RT cores: 80
  • Boost frequency: 1665 MHz
  • Memory: 12 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory speed: 19 Gbit / s
  • Memory bus: 384 bits
  • Bandwidth: 912 GB / s
  • TDP : 350W
Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti: technical sheet
RTX 3090 RTX 3080 Ti RTX 3080
GPU GA102-300 GA102-225 GA102-200
CUDA Colors 10496 10240 8704
RT Cores 82 80 68
Colors Tensor 328 320 272
Base frequency 1395 MHz 1365 MHz 1440 MHz
Boost frequency 1695 MHz 1665 MHz 1710 MHz
Memory (VRAM) 24 Go GDDR6X 12 to 20 GB of GDDR6X 10 Go GDDR6X
Memory speed 19.5 Gbps 19 Gbps 19 Gbps
Bandwidth 936 Go/s 912 Go/s 760 Go/s
Memory bus 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit
TDP 350W 320W 320W


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