Gears 5 – Xbox Series X Update Allows Players To Replace Marcus Fenix With Batista

All the Gears 5 players will be happy to know that they are getting an all-new and latest update for the game that is going to bring more excitement as well as enjoyment for the players.

It will be possible for each and every player to get a unique feature soon on the 10th day of November month. You must know that it will only be going to happen when the Gears 5 game will be able to receive its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update. 

As you all know, the game is already allowing all the players to make sure that they are playing as an actor and former pro wrestler, Dave Batista. Yes, most players are enjoying the game while playing as Dave Batista in the multiplayer components that happen to be his wrestling persona.

But it is essential for you to know that when the game update is going to release on the 10th of November month, it will be possible for the players to play as Dave Batista in the campaign as well.

If you want to play as Dave Batista then the game will allow you to replace Marcus Fenix with Batista. So that the players can be able to play the campaign with their favorite fighter in the Gears 5 game. 

Recently, the new Gears 5 trailer has been released this week which is all about the new update. It shows all the player’s unique and exciting features that they can expect to get their hands on when the new gaming console, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S will launch in the next month.

The new update will let the players reach up to 120 fps when they are playing in the Versus player mode in the Gears 5 game. It is indeed going to get more exciting and interesting to play Gears 5 from next month onwards. 


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