Game of Thrones: this very sad part about the death of Catelyn Stark!

If there’s one death that Game of Thrones fans will never forget in the series, it’s Catelyn Stark!

A good Game of Thrones fan is no longer surprised when one of the main characters dies. Yet the death of Catelyn Stark did shock fans of the series ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Game of Thrones : la mort des Stark

The Game of Thrones series is a true HBO nugget that will forever be etched in history. If the plot is particularly interesting, the magic is created thanks to the many characters.

Whether good or bad, all have considerable importance in the series. But be careful not to get attached to the protagonists, because they disappear as suddenly as a small grain of sand in the desert.

Indeed, death returns constantly, and this, since the first episodes. No one expected the father of the Stark to die immediately, and yett, the directors decided otherwise.

As a reminder, Ned Stark was beheaded. Which triggered the start of the war with the Lannisters.

If there is one death that surprised many, it ist most certainly that of Catelyn Stark. Either the wife of Lord Eddard Stark, and the mother of Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon.

Straight, loyal and always forthright, Catelyn Stark is straightforward.t entered the hearts of viewers. Her love for her children and for her husband is unwavering.

Game of Thrones fans may however blame him for his contempt for Eddard Stark’s bastard Jon Snow. She always claimed thatshe did not consider him to be her son.

Game of Thrones: this very sad part about the death of Catelyn Stark!
Game of Thrones: this very sad part about the death of Catelyn Stark!

A shattering death

If Catelyn Stark never esteemed Jon Snow, it’s because Ned cheated on her years earlier during one of her trips. The identity of this woman has pissed her off for years.

And she always hated the way Ned brought his son Jon back to his home in Winterfell. When Catelyn Stark died, it hurt Game of Thrones fans a lot.

Remember that she had her throat slit by Roose Bolton and Walter Frey. If his death was very sad, it is because Catelyn Stark never knew the truth.

In fact, Ned never cheated on her. He agreed to take in Jon Snow who is none other than the son of Lyanna Stark, his older sister whom he loved so much.

So she had this child with Rhaegar Targaryen. So he’s not a bastard, but rather the descendant of the Targaryens. How sad that Catelyn never knew!

Ned preferred sacrifice his own reputation to protect Jon. One thing is certain, the fans would have liked to see her longer in the series to observe her reaction during the famous revelation …

So Catelyn left this world with hatred, thinking thather husband had damaged his reputation. What a story ! This is the beauty of Game of Thrones.


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