Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3: Samsung lowers the price of its foldable smartphones

A few weeks before the start of the school year, Samsung is hitting the tech market hard with new products that we should see everywhere very quickly. Already a leader in this segment, the brand is launching two smartphones with foldable screens, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. These are accompanied by true wireless Galaxy Buds2 headphones and a whole range of connected watches from the Galaxy Watch4 series. The Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is growing and imposing its strength a little more.

Samsung insists on folding smartphones

The big attraction of this joint release of Samsung devices is of course the release of new models of folding smartphones. For these iterations, the South Korean manufacturer has bet on durability and resistance, with a stronger hinge, high-end protective glasses and an IPX8 waterproof certification that no longer makes Galaxy Z Fold3 fearful of water. and Z Flip3. The aim is to convince users who may have feared a certain fragility of this type of device that there is no more risk of investing in a folding device than in a mobile with a standard design. Moreover, there is already no deficiency at this level on previous models.Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

On the Galaxy Z Fold3, there are two Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens. The 7.6-inch fold-out panel offers a particularly comfortable tablet format and the front photo sensor is housed under the screen so that all available space is reserved for the display. The outer slab, for one-handed use, extends 6.2 inches diagonally. In both cases, we benefit from a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Other good news, the smartphone becomes a productivity tool thanks to the support of the stylus. The Z Fold3 is thus compatible with the S Pen Pro (Bluetooth), but also an S Pen Fold Edition (without Bluetooth).

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is not left out with its 6.7-inch, 120 Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, with the most elongated 22: 9 ratio. But the most important novelty lies in the second screen, this display space which allows you to obtain information or read notifications even when the mobile is folded up on itself. From 1.1 inches on the original Z Fold, we go here to a diagonal of 1.9 inches which allows to display more elements on the screen.Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Both smartphones are equipped with the Snapdragon 888 SoC, a premium chip ensuring very high performance and offering 5G connectivity support. The Z Fold3 has 12 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of internal memory, the Z Flip3 reaches 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage space.

Wearable et audio

One of Samsung’s strengths lies in its ecosystem, which offers a seamless experience when switching from one device to another and allows better interaction between devices. The brand is strengthening itself in this regard with the new Galaxy Buds2 wireless headphones, which feature active noise reduction technology once reserved for the most premium and expensive devices.Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The expected Galaxy Watch4 connected watch is also making its appearance, with a new interface. Samsung and Google worked together on the software part, the manufacturer having chosen to turn to Wear OS. With or without needles but still round, smartwatches were entitled to a revision of their design for even more class.Samsung Galaxy Z Watch 4

Falling prices

Who says new technology, says high tariffs: it is necessary to make profitable the costs of research and development, and it is not possible to achieve economies of scale on the first units in the event of weak production. However, for this new generation of folding smartphones, Samsung manages to significantly lower its prices and thus opens the door to a whole new set of consumers.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is sold 1799 euros with 256 GB of storage and 1899 euros with 512 GB of internal memory, while the Z Fold2 was marketed above 2000 euros. The colors black, silver and green are available.


The Galaxy Z Flip3 suffers an even greater drop, in the order of 30%. You have to pay 1059 (128 GB) or 1109 (256 GB) euros to acquire it, with a wide choice of colors: cream, lavender, green, black, gray, white and pink (exclusive for the official Samsung website for last three colors mentioned).


Note that during the pre-order period which runs from 11/08 to 26/08, a trade-in of an old phone with a bonus of 200 euros to add to the value of the phone is available to lower the bill, as well Samsung Care + insurance for one year.

And in the case of the Z Fold3, the device comes with several accessories: a charging pad, a protective cover, and an S Pen Fold Edition stylus. The Z Flip3 comes with a leather shell and a wireless charger. Everything is offered on the official Samsung website.

The Galaxy Buds2 headphones are available for the same price as their predecessors, namely 149 euros. On the official site, any pre-order gives the right to a credit of 50 euros to buy content and applications on the Play Store.


The Galaxy Watch4 is available in many models, between sport or classic design, Bluetooth or 4G connectivity, and size of the dial.

  • Galaxy Watch4 41 mm (Bluetooth) : 269 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 45 mm (Bluetooth) : 299 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 41 mm (4G) : 319 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 45 mm (4G) : 349 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42 mm (Bluetooth) : 369 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46 mm (Bluetooth) : 399 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42 mm (4G) : 419 €
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46 mm (4G) : 449 €

Remember that the Galaxy Watch Design Studio from allows you to customize your Galaxy Watch4 model at no additional cost. The pre-order gives the right to a code to recover 50 euros of credit for the Play Store.


This article is a sponsored post provided by Samsung.


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