From € 10.90 per month, Hello Business is the ideal account for freelancers

Faced with the problems of auto-entrepreneurs, few traditional banks succeed in providing a simple and appropriate response. Hello bank online banking! has set up a new offer which is specifically intended for these freelancers. Readable and efficient, it is accessible for only € 10.90 excl. Tax per month.

Discover Hello Business

If the bank account is at the heart of the Hello Business offer, online banking wanted to go much further in the support. There is a tool to manage your invoices (Mon Business Assistant Start), another to collect turnover by credit card or even legal support.

Simplified account management

By subscribing to this Hello Business formula (without obligation), the first service made available is of course the current account. The latter comes with an international bank card that allows you to pay for purchases anywhere in the world, including on the internet. As part of this formula, Hello bank! allows you to pay and withdraw without any fees and without limits.

From your personal space, you can manage your card limits or even monitor the status of your accounts in real time. You can also trigger certain operations such as bank transfers; instant transfers are free.

Because micro-businesses need flexibility for their activity, Hello Business also provides an overdraft facility of 1,550 euros. This corresponds to an authorized overdraft which makes it possible to better manage late payments. When we know that VSEs and SMEs record on average a late payment of 80 to 120 days, such an advantage is a real plus.

Below, you can discover some other advantages of this account like the French IBAN (which is not the case with some new banks, which can penalize an activity) or even the cashing checks.

Hello Business

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Billing follow-up

When we start, we tend to focus on the operational part. However, managing invoicing is a critical part of long-term business success. Without software, keeping track of invoices is very complicated. Developed in-house, My Business Start Assistant is the perfect remedy for micro-entrepreneurs.

This tool first allows you to manage quotes – which you can then transform into an invoice. Thanks to an intelligent numbering system, you will be able to follow all the activity in progress. This will also allow you to relaunch at the right time for quotes or payments. This functionality is included in the default offer of online banking.

If you are totally lost, don’t panic: Hello bank! has set up priority customer support available 6 days a week that can assist you in your business. For those who do not know how to manage a (possible) dispute, legal support is also available. Abroad, the bank can also put you in touch with interpreters and lawyers if necessary.

Cashing by card

Another advantage of the Hello Business formula: the possibility of making payments by bank card at an advantageous price. Hello bank! works with Lyf to offer all its customers an attractive commission on all collections via the LyfPro service. The latter converts a smartphone into a mobile TPE (thanks to NFC) to ensure collections by bank card.

Whatever your bank, you can always access the Lyf service. However, with Hello Business, you will be able to benefit from a reduced commission on the service. While it charges 1.60% excluding tax of each transaction made via its service, Lyf only offers 1.35% excluding tax fees to customers of the Hello bank! Pro bank. The gross amount will be paid the next (working) day to the customer’s Hello Business account.

Good news for all those who subscribe to this Hello Business offer before November 30, 2021. The first 2 months are free. It will then be necessary to count on 10.90 € HT per month to continue to benefit from the service. Because this formula is non-binding, you can take full advantage of the first two months to test the services from top to bottom.

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