Freebox: it is now possible to contact support on WhatsApp

This is a new feature that should make life easier for Freebox subscribers. In the event of a problem, they can now contact an advisor through WhatsApp.

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Wi-Fi faulty, television broken… You have probably already had a problem with your Internet box. To solve it, you then had to contact your supplier’s technical support by phone. And wait for long minutes before being able to have someone on the phone. And if the communication was accidentally cut off, or you need to contact support later to get an update, you must explain the problem again since you are not dealing with the same advisor.

These are annoying situations, to say the least, that Free tries to resolve by expanding its communication channels. In addition to the famous 3244, it is thus possible to contact support via the Free Mobile chatbot (Face to Free), to go through Twitter, Facebook, etc. and now by WhatsApp.

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Freebox subscribers, you can now report your problem on WhatsApp!

Free assistance via WhatsApp had been in the test phase for a few months. It is now available to all Freebox subscribers. Note, however, that it is not yet accessible for Free Mobile users. But what are the advantages of this new service? Subscribers now deal with the same advisor for 72 hours. They therefore do not have to explain the problem again each time they contact support.

And for good reason, everything is centralized in the same WhatsApp conversation. In the latter, it is also possible to integrate multimedia files (photos, videos). Which will make it possible to better explain to the advisor the problem suffered by illustrating it. To benefit from this new assistance service, all you have to do is access your personal space then click on the “My assistance” section. Going all the way down, you will then have to select the famous logo of the social network.

On Twitter, this user seems in any case very satisfied with the service:

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