Freebox: how to change the WiFi password

Freebox WiFi passwords are by default very long and complicated. It is thus a real torture to have to enter them for each device. Fortunately, you can choose your own password. Follow the guide !

Freebox Pop
Freebox Pop. Image Free

By default, your Freebox WiFi password is complex and very long. This is obviously not for nothing since it significantly strengthens your protection against the risk of piracy. But some users are tired of having to enter a long string of words, symbols and numbers every time they need to set up a new device. What’s more, a loved one who visits you will often ask you to access your WiFi. And will obviously look gray when he notices the complexity of your password.

The desire to change your WiFi key can also arise if you have suspicions of external connections, for example. In this tutorial, we will detail the procedure to follow to simply change your password.

Freebox: here’s how to change the WiFi password

By following these steps, everything will be fine and you will easily succeed in changing your WiFi password to the one of your choice.

  • It is no longer possible to change your password from a browser. To do this, you have to go through the application Freebox Connect available on Android and iOS.

  • Once the app has downloaded, open it and select the Freebox you are using (Pop, Delta, Revolution, etc). If you have any doubts, the information can be found on the Free subscriber sheet.
  • The application will then pair with your box. Make sure you are well connected to your WiFi network for the manipulation to work.

Freebox Connect

  • It will then be necessary to authorize the association by pressing a button on your box as you can see in this screenshot:

Freebox Connect

  • Enter now an administrator password.

Freebox: administrator password

  • You are close to the goal. Press on Network at the bottom right then on Modifier.

Change Freebox wifi key

  • Enter the password of your choice then press To validate top right.
  • Well done, you have successfully changed your WiFi key!

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