Free Flex: prices, conditions, smartphones, everything you need to know about the new Free Mobile offer

Free Mobile has just announced a brand new subscription offer called Free Flex. The latter allows subscribers to buy a smartphone on leasing (leasing), with monthly payments over 24 months. More than fifty smartphones have been announced by Free. Prices, conditions, smartphones: here is all the information we have on Free Flex.

Free Flex
Free Flex

« Spread the price of your mobile at no cost »: It had been several days since Free evoked an announcement for July 6, 2021. The operator has finally announced Free Flex, a new subscription offer that allows you to rent a phone on credit, in 24 months and at 0% rate, in parallel with your mobile plan and subject to certain conditions. We take stock of everything that has been announced.

Free Flex: who can benefit from it?

You can benefit from Free Flex with the Free Package or the Free series. Please note, however, Free Flex does not work with the 2 euro package.

Free Flex: how does it work?

Free Flex is a leasing solution, no more, no less: a 24-month lease. The first monthly payment is set at 30% of the total purchase price, followed by 24 monthly payments. At the end of these two years, you have three choices:

  • Pay the purchase option, that is to say permanently acquire the smartphone
  • Continue to praise it
  • Return the smartphone to Free for reconditioning.

It is possible to stop the leasing at any time by paying the rest of the amount due with the option to buy. The rental of the smartphone is separate from the package, the subscription conditions remain the same: you can stop your package at any time or change it. On the other hand, you will remain committed to Free on the purchase of the telephone. You also have 24-month after-sales service.

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Free Flex: how much does it cost?

The mobile plans remain at the same price: the prices do not vary if you are a Freebox subscriber, if you have a Free Plan or a Free Series.

The prices of smartphones oscillate between 120 and 850 euros approximately. The monthly payments start at 2.99 euros and go up to 20 euros, depending on the smartphone chosen.

The price for sending a smartphone is 10 euros. Free delivery to a Free store or relay point is however possible.

Free Flex: which smartphones are available?

Free Flex makes available nearly fifty different smartphone models ranging from the Redmi Note 9A to the iPhone 12 in 64 GB. The catalog includes new smartphones as well as reconditioned by ” French partners “. The prices are also negotiated by Free and therefore, slightly cheaper than elsewhere.

Free Flex
Free Flex, examples of smartphones with their prices. Image Free

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This is particularly the case of the iPhone 12 and 64 Go, which is offered at 909 euros at Apple and almost 839 euros at Free, whether purchased in cash or through monthly installments. It will indeed be necessary to pay 259 euros from the start (329 euros which are removed 70 euros immediate discount) then 19.99 euros per month for 24 months and, finally, add 100 euros to acquire the smartphone permanently. That is: 329 – 70 + (19.99 x 24) + 100 = 838.76 euros.

Free Flex is now available on the Free website.


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