Free Fire: List of In-Game Glitches and How To Fix Them

Free Fire is one of the diverse games that you can find with various region servers and players playing the game all over the world.

You must have surely heard of the glitches and bugs that come in the games and will have the potential to interrupt the amazing gaming experience the players have.

It is sure that each and every Battle Royale game has its own different and unique glitches. Some may seem to be enjoyable while some glitches can be so annoying sometimes that you will be frustrated even though you are dealing with it for a few minutes.

It will be possible that when you are playing the game and suddenly you will find that your player is no longer walking on the ground. So that can be an issue caused by the glitch in the game which is why it is essential to know about them. 

Well, there are thousands of players who have been currently playing the Free Fire Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena game. But they have all have their own experience with some of the glitches that you can find in the Free Fire game.

One thing is sure that all the Free Fire players will be curious to know about the glitches that you can find in the game. But they are also wondering about how they can be able to get rid of the Free Fire glitches.

So we are going to tell you every essential thing about the glitches and how you can fix them in the Free Fire game. Let us now move forward so that you can be able to have a clear idea about the list of the glitches present in the game along with their fixes.

What Are In-Game Glitches In The Free Fire Mobile Game?

First of all, you need to know about the in-game glitches that you will be able to find in the Free Fire game.

So that you can be able to have a more clear idea of the glitches that you are going to find in the Free Fire game along with the list of them to know which of them you need to fix. Let us now have a look at the list of the in-game glitches of the Free Fire game. 

Server Time Out Bug 

You must know that this bug will only occur in the IND server. The main regions that you must have heard of are Bangladesh and Nepal. The answer to why it happens is that both countries do not have their own dedicated server.

So they are combined with the IND server. Therefore there will be a large number of players playing the Free Fire game at the same time which will result in the glitch.

Not only players from Bangladesh face the ping problem and server issues but also the Nepal players are dealing with the same glitch. But you must not have to worry about it at all as this bug can be fixed. 

Well, all the Free Fire players who are suffering and dealing with the Server Timed Out bug will be able to fix the bug easily.

The only thing that you will have to do in order to resolve this kind of bug is to try switching the Airplane mode of your smartphone device On and Off. So players who have been having server issues for 1 to 2 weeks can be able to resolve this issue.

It is the best ping and server glitch solution for all those players who have been using the VPN or IND server. Now that you know about how you can be able to fix this bug then we should move ahead to know about the next glitch. 

Offline and Online Player Glitch

Currently, there are a lot of players who can see that there is a glitch in the Free Fire game in which online players are referred to as offline or in the group. While the glitch is the reason behind the offline players seeing online in the game.

You must understand that this glitch is indeed annoying and the users will have to call or talk to his or her friend in order to play together in the Free Fire game.

You need to know that the online and offline players glitch is occurring due to the increase of the players on the server. But that will get fixed after 2 to 3 days of the occurrence of the glitch. 

One thing is sure and that is the user or player can not change the setting of the server. So you will just have to wait for the game developers to fix this kind of bug.

But you can try to restart the game or choosing another server when you are trying to play the Free Fire game. It will be beneficial for you if the game will automatically resolve the glitch for you. 

Reload Bug

It will seem a little amusing to all the Free Fire players to know about this Reload bug glitch. You must already be wondering to know what this glitch is all about.

You need to know that this amusing glitch occurs when any player will reload the gun or use medicate the ammo then the number of medicating will decrease very quickly. It will give a kind of speed boost glitch to the players playing the game.

So after a few seconds, it will be possible that the ammo or medicate that was remaining with you will be empty. But you do not have to worry about it as solving this kind of glitch is very simple. You just have to follow the simple steps that we are going to mention here. 

You just need to open the Settings option on whichever device you are playing the Free Fire game. Then you will need to find the Apps section to click on it.

Just find the Garena Free Fire in the Apps section which you will definitely find in the Settings menu. You will have to make sure to click on Clear Data and Force Stop

It is sure that all the Free Fire players will be wondering about how all the settings will be able to help to resolve the Free Fire Reload glitch.

But you must know that changing the setting will reset the game and let it recover fully from each and every bug file as well as other crash files.

You need to know that doing the things that we did mention earlier in the settings menu will be able to help in making the Free Fire game run smoother. 

Refund Bug

All the players of the Free Fire game must keep in mind that this bug will occur when the user is going to apply a refund policy in order to get the entire amount that the user did pay in the Free Fire game.

Sometimes, it will happen in the game that you can notice diamonds or in-game currency will go in minus. But after some time, you will also find that there is no reduction of diamonds as the bug will get automatically fixed. 

What happens when the user will not top up to neutralize the negative amount of diamond?

Well, there are so many players who have this same question in their minds. The answer is so simple that the game will ban their accounts permanently.

It is possible that some users may not even occur to it face to face in even one of the above but still, there will be no choice for the game other than banning the account of the user permanently. 

Solutions To Avoid Every Glitch In The Free Fire

In order to be safe from any of the glitches that we did mention above in the article, it will be beneficial for the players to try cleaning the app by the in-game feature.

It will be possible for each and every player to clear the file by just uninstalling the Free Fire game and then they should delete each and every file related to it from the smartphone device.

It is sure that if you are going to install the Free Fire game freshly on your device then there will be fewer chances of you facing a number of glitches and bugs. 

You must definitely know that the glitches as well as bugs can be very annoying sometimes. It is sure that when you are gaming extensively and with all your focus, it will need only a bug or a glitch to ruin your mood or getting the player frustrated.

But you must have to keep in mind that the bugs or glitches are not dangerous or too difficult to remove.

It is essential for you to know that there are a number of glitches that you may have to face while you are playing the game but there will be a perfect solution to resolve the problem for each one of them.

Some of the most common glitches or bugs that most of the players have surely come across are sit-ups, headshots, or sniping along with several others that we can not count. Some glitches can be fixed while some cannot.

Whether you are going to get frustrated about the bugs and glitches present in the game and leave your favorite game or if you are going to find a solution to the glitches present in the game, the choice is totally yours. Choose wisely and enjoy the amazing game. 


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