France, USA, Mali … how many hours do you have to work to access very high speed?

Each year, Surfshark publishes a study called “Digital Quality of Life Index” with the Statista site. The survey determines which countries offer the best “digital quality of life” and why, all in around 100 countries. France is rather well off in this ranking which takes into account criteria such as the price of internet access, bandwidth, the number of pirate attacks, the level of infrastructure development and the services accessible online.

We learn in particular that in France, just over an hour of work is enough to pay for a very high speed internet subscription. But there is better. In China, for example, you only need to work for about 40 minutes. In Israel, number 1 in the ranking, 19 minutes of work are enough to have access to very high speed internet. The rest of Europe is rather in the good half of the ranking, even if we observe important differences according to the States. For example, in Spain, you have to work more than 2 hours 40 minutes to pay for the internet.

In Belgium, you have to work at least 2h10 to achieve the same result. In the Netherlands, it takes a little over 1.5 hours. Whereas in Germany it takes just 45 minutes. In countries at the forefront of the digital issue like Estonia, you have to work around 2:19 to achieve the same level of service. Variable, but reasonable, the situation changes completely when we look at the other extreme of the ranking.

In Mali for example, it takes nearly a week of work or 33h26 to pay for very high speed. However, it is also necessary to underline the weakness of the infrastructures and the services available on line in the country. So much so that this very expensive subscription does not deliver the same level of services as in countries like France. The Internet is also very costly in terms of purchasing power in countries like Colombia (10:27 am working) or Indonesia (11:18 am working).

In comparison, India is more at the same level as many European countries, since it takes 2 hours 33 minutes to pay for internet access. We suggest you view part of the ranking in the infographic below. You can get much more data related to digital quality of life in many more countries by visiting the Surfshark site dedicated to the “Digital Quality of Life Index”.

Internet router

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