FOV bug on Vanguard drives players crazy

Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally out. Finally with the possibility of changing the FOV of players on console. But now the community is asking developers to correct a bug that greatly affects this parameter.

Vanguard released on November 5 with 20 multiplayer maps, over 30 weapons, and tons of content.

Unfortunately, many bugs have already affected the brand new game. The anti-cheat Ricochet is also requested while cheaters take control of the game.

Although many still enjoy the game, a new visibility problem linked to certain FOVs has just added fuel to the fire.

Vanguard operators

The exit of Vanguard will not have been easy.

Vanguard players want FOV issue fixed

Objective-based game modes are very popular in the Call of Duty franchise. Domination, one of the most played, poses some problems for players.

This Reddit post by the player u / SelfRekt shows that when capturing the flag on Domination, the bar is in the middle of the screen preventing you from seeing while aiming.

As can be seen in the screenshot, the bar covers the reticle on the viewfinder. While this is not the case for everyone, it does happen when using a specific FOV.

Players quickly reported that this was not planned and that it was indeed a bug.

Others have noted that by playing on the maximum FOV, this does not happen. Unfortunately this bug nevertheless affects a good part of the players. Especially when you take into account the diversity of preferences of PC gamers. These therefore hope that Sledgehammer Games simply moves the capture progress bar to another area.

This way the bar would be out of the player’s sight while they are trying to aim at enemies. For now, if this issue affects you, we recommend playing with the FOV setting at maximum to correct the issue.


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