Fortnite: World Cup skins in LGBT colors are available!

On Fortnite, you can now dress in the colors of your country for the World Cup but also LGBT.

Great news for all Fortnite and football fans. And especially for the World Cup. Indeed, Epic Games has just made available new skins and not just any. You will proudly be able wear those of your favorite team and country but also LGBT colors. A way to go against Qatar?

Costumes in shambles

Because yes, you are not unaware that the country has banned wearing rainbow colors to support the LGBT cause. This has not failed to arouse many controversies. For example, Hugo Lloris had to wear a captain’s armband in rainbow colors.

Most World Cup organizers forbade him. Epic Games has, for its part, offered the possibility of doing so with its new skins on Fortnite. But as you can imagine, these are not skins bearing the image of a known or other character.

Nothing to see with costumes in honor of Star Wars that have popped up in the battle royal over the years. In fact, we recently dedicated an article to the best Star Wars outfits in video games.

If you want to find out which ones it is, nothing could be simpler. Just click here to take a look. And maybe you’ll discover skins you’ve never seen before. On the other hand, if you have always played it, you already know them all.

Speaking of skins, some may not know this, but Jun Hwan’s is available free for a few days on Fortnite. Note that in addition to this, once purchased, you can use it on all your Fortnite accounts.

For example, if you play on PC, you can still wear it while playing it on PS5. Enough to motivate a lot of players to set their sights on the costume in question. What about the famous World Cup skins? We are finally getting there.

World Cup and LGBT skins on Fortnite

Want to support France? Or Brazil? Or even Japan which created the surprise against Germany? This has been possible for a few hours. Since Epic Games has just launched a new campaign and not the least.

The studio not wanting to miss the opportunity to celebrate the World Cup, skins landed on Fortnite. As noted our colleagues from 20 Minutes, that offers you many possibilities.

Epic Games has also said a little more about this campaign in an article. The new collection is called “Let Them Know”. And here’s what you need to know about it:« The new Let It Know set is all about the beautiful game. It contains ten customizable outfits with various patterns and colors ».

First let the developers of Fortnite know. The latter did not stop there and added:« Thanks to all the styles available, create an outfit that suits you« . Among the range of skins, many are those with LGBT colors.

Many players see it as a kind of defiance against Qatar, which has refused all rainbow colors for the competition.


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