Fortnite Update Actually Makes The Game Smaller

This is surely an amazing piece of news for all the Fortnite players that the new update of the game actually makes the game significantly smaller in the size.

We are sure that most of us believe that the new update will often need players to free up a lot of space. So it is a little bit of a surprise for all the players that the new and latest update for the Fortnite game is smaller than the expectations. 

According to Epic Games, the PC version of Fortnite is all set for the players to install it with a reduction of more than 60 GB. It will be possible for all the players to find that they will be able to find that the Fortnite game will now only take up around 25 to 30 GB of space in total.

One thing is sure that the smaller update that was recently launched will be able to make sure that the future updates will be even smaller. It will help the game to load faster so that the players will not have to wait for a longer time.

It is essential for you to know that the update is currently available but only for the PC. So there is a huge number of players who are owning gaming consoles that are jealous to not get their hands on the update. 

There is nothing to worry about as the new and latest update will be available on consoles soon. You must know that download sizes are the only thing that most players are concerned about whenever we are talking about online game updates.

But as of now, most players are indeed happy as well as excited to know that the new update of the Fortnite game is smaller in size. 


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