Fortnite season 8: where to find and how to defeat an assassin’s cube?

Our colleagues from Gamerant have just indicated how to carry out a quest for season 8 of Fortnite. Knowing how to beat an Assassin Cube

Like always, Epic Games manages to find alternatives about their game Fortnite. This makes it possible to offer something other than the simple goal of finishing in the top 1. Proof of this is with the quests and the assassin’s cube.

Where to find it?

Indeed, to unlock the Toona Style, you will previously find and fight an assassin cube. That sounds like gibberish to you. And even more so if you’ve never met one. If so, don’t panic.

Throughout this article, we will try to give you some tips to find the famous cube in Fortnite. Our colleagues from Gamerant revealing a map to locate several and make our lives easier.

Players can locate an Assassin cube in the tiny side anomalies that you will see on the map. These are the little purple symbols, but they won’t stay in one place during a match, and their next location cannot be predicted.

Once players find a side rift, walk towards her to activate an in-game special. The Assassin Cube isn’t guaranteed to spawn in an encounter, but if they do, it won’t be at the start of fights.

You will have to wait up to 30 seconds until he spawns, and the side monsters will still be there too. Be sure to reduce the health of the cube before the event ends, to complete the task.

In other words, you cannot go and conquer this enemy without preparing yourself. This one could well give you a hard time as the media suggests. Therefore, some details should be known regarding this quest. Fortnite.

Fortnite season 8: where to find and how to defeat an assassin's cube?
Fortnite season 8: where to find and how to defeat an assassin’s cube?

The Assassin Cube in Fortnite

You need to make sure you have full health and shields before entering the Sideways in search of a cube. In itself, the fight is not complicated. But the Cube Monsters will keep attacking players when they start fighting the cube.

You will therefore have several enemies at the same time on Fortnite. If you’re struggling and need help, be sure to open up the purple chests that appear during the meeting. To detect possible healing objects, guns and ammunition.

Ammo will also drop as loot when monsters are defeated. Aim for the cube assassin’s head to remove the most damage. Jumping will help to avoid his shots. And get hit by the Cube Monsters.

This will protect you for a certain moment of the fight … But all players need to do is move from side to side. And shoot his head to kill him as fast as possible. You must defeat the cube before the end of the encounter to complete the challenge.

It remains to be seen if, with all this information, you will manage to complete this quest with flying colors. This would allow you to have new gifts in Fortnite. And fill your trophy cabinet. In the worst case, you can always try other challenges.