Fortnite season 8: how to unlock more battle stars?

This is the question that puzzles Fortnite fans! How to get more Battle Stars in Season 8 of the game? We tell you everything!

In Fortnite Season 8, the famous stars are more than necessary to earn all the Battle Pass rewards. But then the question arises, how to unlock more battle stars ? MCE TV therefore reveals some tips below, which explain how to earn more. Good reading !

Fortnite: win to stock up

If Fortnite is so popular, it is mainly thanks to the emotion it arouses, especially with regard to earnings. What is more satisfying than to win events or items?

Prior to season 8 of the game, players could earn XP and receive one item of the Fortnite Battle Pass for each level. And that’s not all ! From season 7, the Fans of the game could also earn stars.

Kézako for those who don’t know much about it? It is then a currency system that allows players to unlock all the products of their choice. And in season 8, be aware that there are many more products to unlock.

We then tell you about 10 other content pages. Yes Yes ! You hear well! The more stars players earn, the more rewards they will unlock. It is therefore possible for them toe earn five battle stars on each level.

But then how to unlock content with Fortnite stars ? MCE TV explains everything below!

Fortnite season 8: how to unlock more battle stars?
Fortnite season 8: how to unlock more battle stars?

Very useful tips!

The first tip and not the least, the importance of V-Bucks. Indeed, gamers always have the opportunity to skip levels thanks to V-Bucks. This is the fastest way but also the most expensive to unlock what they deem necessary.

Another important tip, completing the weekly punch cardss. The reason ? They are reset every week. And as an added bonus, they offer three challenges, all different. Each challenge then earns nearly 65,000 XP towards its Battle Pass.

The same goes for daily punch cards. They also make it possible to perform challenges thati earn around 17k each at the end. To earn stars, you also have to choose the characters! There are many. And they all make a difference for each new challenge. For example, we find NPCs like Fabio Sparklemane and Madcap.

Also note that in season 8 of Fortnite, cooperation is essential. Don’t hesitate to play it with your friends, and to work together in the challenges. Do not neglect small tasks like opening ammunition crates, manufacturing weapons….

But also fishing etc … All this will allow players to gain some XP. And in the long run, the jackpot is there! Obviously, membership in the Fortnite crew is a point not to be contested. It is a monthly subscription service qui offers players a monthly crew pack.

But also a Crew Legacy set, 1,000 V-Bucks, and more… All of these things can help with the purchase of levels in the Battle Pass. So, are you ready to earn the most stars in Fortnite with all of these tips?