Fortnite Season 8: How To Quickly Level Up

Reaching level 100 can be long and tedious in Fortnite Battle Royale, but check out our tips for getting there easily in Season 8 of Chapter 2.

The arrival of Season 8 in Chapter 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale has changed the way you earn in-game XP a bit, making leveling up a bit more complicated these days. But we still found a pretty quick way to level up.

At the start of each season, your levels are reset in Fortnite. Players need to level up to at least level 100 by the end of the season to get all the rewards possible in the Battle Pass, including some cool cosmetic items.

Fortnite Respawn Van
Epic Games

Fortnite’s respawn van was directly inspired by Apex Legends.

Players could complete epic or legendary challenges to get a ton of XP but that is no longer possible in this new season. Players now need to renew themselves to level up quickly, and that’s pretty easy with Impostor mode.

Level up quickly with Fortnite’s Impostor mode

In this new season, it is undeniable that this game mode is the most fruitful of all in terms of XP. Whether you are on the side of the impostors or the agents, it doesn’t really matter.


  • Complete tasks – 4 500 XP
  • Play a game – 1 500 XP
  • Spend time in a game – 450 XP
  • Complete a game – 3 000 XP
  • Win a game – 3 000 XP


  • Make a sabotage – 3 000 XP
  • Eliminate agents – 4 000 XP
  • Play a game – 1 500 XP
  • Spend time in a game – 450 XP
  • Complete a game – 3 000 XP
  • Win a game – 3 000 XP

Some of these tasks can be multiplied by the number of times you complete them. So if you do multiple kills, you might get a big bonus XP at the end of each game.

If you like this game mode, do not hesitate to play it regularly to gain maximum XP and pass your levels easily in Fortnite!


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