Fortnite Might Finally Come Back To iOS Devices Via NVIDIA GeForce Now

Well, it has been over two months since iOS users were going through the devoid of enjoying one of the most popular and exciting Battle Royale games, Fortnite.

Yes, we are going to talk about Fortnite by Epic Games that most of the players love to play every single day. It is sure that there is a large number of players as well as fans who have been waiting for the Fortnite game to make it come back to the gaming platforms.

Most of the players expect that the Fortnite game should at least do a workaround for something that will allow the players to play the game.

It seems more likely to the players that they will not have to wait for much longer to play the Fortnite game as it may finally return to iOS devices via GeForce Now which happens to be NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service. 

Why Was Fortnite Banned By Apple?

There is no doubt that many of you do not know that both Apple, as well as Google, is charging a 30 percent cut on all the microtransactions that will be taking place on the platform.

That will be including the transaction that most of the players are doing on Fortnite. Epic Games, as you all know are the Fortnite game developers who are successful enough to add an option for the players to purchase directly in the Fortnite game and this option will be available within the game for iOS devices.

So all the players will be able to make the purchase directly without paying any cut to Apple. That happens to be the primary reason why Apple has banned the Fortnite game from its App Store. 

You must know that Epic Games did manage to file a lawsuit against Apple as well as Google in order to cite their monopolistic approach and that too in regards to their respective digital stores.

It is essential for you to know that the Fortnite game was also banned from the Google Play Store following the lawsuit. Therefore there are so many players and fans who are hoping that the Fortnite game should return to the stores as soon as possible.

But it is good of you to know that the Fortnite game is going to finally make a come back to iOS devices via NVIDIA GeForce Now. 

How Fortnite Can Return To iOS?

GeForce Now which happens to be NVIDIA’s very own cloud gaming platform makes sure to officially exit beta back in February 2020. GeForce Now will be featuring an all-new and amazing library of games which to all your happiness will be including Fortnite.

You must know that the Fortnite game will be available for all the Android users to play it again but that will only be possible with a third party Apk that you can be able to find and download directly from the Epic Games’ website.

But unfortunately, the same can not be said in the case of iOS devices. However, we are sure that the Fortnite game will be able to return to iOS devices and that too will only be possible via GeForce Now. 

As per the BBC report, it will be possible now for the Fortnite game to be available for iOS devices soon this year with the help of GeForce Now.

Unlike Android, you will not be able to find the Fortnite game in Apple’s App Store as the game will not be available on it. Instead, all the interested iOS users will be able to run it within Apple’s very own web browser for iOS which you all know as Safari.

As you all know, Fortnite is included in GeForce Now’s huge library of games. So it will finally be possible for you to play the game on iOS devices as soon as GeForce Now will be releasing for iOS through Safari Web Browser for Apple.

Also, you must know that Apple will not be able to get a 30 percent cut of the in-game microtransactions. It is because the game won’t use Apple Store. 

Final Words

It is sure that Epic Games and Apple have their own entanglement against the lawsuit. So it will not come much of a surprise if Apple will be deciding to ban the Fortnite game and does not let the iOS users play the game on GeForce Now as well.

But if the Fortnite game authorities will be successful enough to return on iOS devices via GeForce Now. Then there is no proof that the game will be running smoother and will provide the same amazing experience as before.

It seems like most players will not have to worry about the lag in the game. Because Epic Games will soon be fixing all the errors and glitches of the game. The only thing that you will have to do is wait for the game to be available for iOS users.

All the iOS players must not lose hope for playing the Fortnite game. It is sure that the game is currently not available for you all. But the game devs are working hard to make sure that the game will be available on all the platforms for the players.

Most players believe that playing the Fortnite game with the help of a cloud platform may result in latency issues and thereby players can experience some lagging when they are playing the game.

However, it looks like the iOS Fortnite players will not have to wait for long to play the game on iOS devices. 


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