Fortnite Island Event Lantern Fest Tour Every Lantern Location

Fortnite Island Event Lantern Fest Tour Every Lantern Location:

The Fortnite Lantern Fest is among the most colorful events that happen every year in the battle royale game. As you discover the island, each new map provides you with an additional set of tasks to do.

This guide shows you where all the lanterns are on Lantern Fest Tour Island, allowing you to light them all and finish that challenge.

The Fortnite Lantern Fest event is a way to honor Ramadan. Visit the Creator Island, which is only available during an event, and complete all of its challenges to earn unique event rewards like sprays, emoticons, or even weapon wraps.

How To Get The Map Out:

During the Lantern Fest event, that is going on right now in Fortnite, players can go to an island made by fans called Lantern Fest Tour. If a player doesn’t have a map throughout their game, those who can use the code 3691-9667-3697 to find the island.

The various quests that players can do to earn XP and move towards other bonuses is to discover as well as light 10 lanterns that are scattered around the map. This guide will inform people who play Fortnite where the lanterns are.

There are a lot of fun puzzles to solve on this new Fortnite island, and there are also several named places to check out. The map is pretty big, though, so you might need help finding all 10 lanterns.

Where All Lanterns Can Be Found:

Here are the ten places on Lantern Fest Tour Island where you can find a lantern. When you load the island, though, the map doesn’t work. This is probably because it was made in Creative Mode, but that could change if indeed the map is updated to Fortnite Creative 2.0.

Even though we don’t have location references, most of these lamps are near decided to name locations that will show up on your mini-map, so they should be easy to find.

Lanterns Location
Race Rumble The first Lantern we found was near the Race Rumble activity. This is directly across the garden where you spawn on the island. Look for the Race Rumble icon in the minimap, and you’ll find the Lantern inside the building.
Marvelous Maze The second Lantern we found is at the Marvelous Maze location. This has a green icon on the map and is on the left-hand side of the large garden. You can’t miss all the hedges around the massive greenhouse.
Parkour Paradise For our third Lantern, we headed over to Parkour Paradise. This is on the left-hand side of the island, about halfway between the top and bottom. Look behind the large sign to find the Lantern.
Mid-right of the map The fourth Lantern we found is on the right-hand side of the map. From your spawn point in Bounty Boulivard, head right out of that location and into the garden. Follow the cobblestone path, and you’ll see a Lantern about halfway up.
Flawless Fashion Our fifth Lantern is located at Flawless Fashion. This location is pink and on the right-hand side of the map, up in the top corner. Follow the path to the right out of Bounty Boulivard all the way to the end, and you’ll see it.
Slippery slide near Race Rumble For our sixth Lantern, we found it at the top of the map next to the boardwalk for Slippery Slide. Race Rumble is also very close to this location. If you see either of those, look to the path because the Lantern is there.
Cozy Court The seventh Lantern we found is at Cozy Court. Head up the stairs in the middle of the buildings and then go across the soccer pitch. The Lantern is on the floor in the walkway on the opposite side.
Slurp Juice restaurant The eighth Lantern we found is at Furious Fighters. This location is at the top of the map, tucked away behind some trees. Look for a castle, and then go inside. The Lantern is on the floor on the right-hand side.
Furious Fighters The ninth Lantern we located is back in Cozy Court. The Slurp Juice restaurant on the left-hand side of this location has a Lantern on the right-hand side of the counter.
Bounty Boulivard The tenth Lantern we found is at the spawn point for Lantern Fest Tour Island, Bounty Boulivard. The Lantern is on the right-hand side at the top of the platform, where you can see the board with all the challenges listed.

All Fortnite Lantern Fest Event Challenges:

  1. Light 10 lanterns around the map
  2. Finish Cozy Court challenges
  3. Complete Race Rumble challenges
  4. Find all hidden figures in the maze
  5. Finish all four lantern puzzles
  6. Finish Furious Fighters Arena Challenge

How To Finish All Of The Cozy Court Challenges:

To finish the Cozy Court challenge as a whole, you must complete all three challenges.

  1. Put fruits on Iftar table 3 times
  2. Deliver pizza 3 times
  3. Score a football goal

The Iftar table is on the other side of the Parkour Paradise challenge. You don’t have to get everything for the Iftar table to finish the Cozy Court challenge. You can just throw three coconuts or bananas onto the table.

Visit the pizza place in Cozy Court to have a pizza brought to you three times. To “deliver pizza for coins,” use the tablet within the restaurant. You’ll get a pizza in your inventory and a task that says “Deliver pizza to tent”x.

All of the tents that sit on the water’s edge around Luxurious Lantern have numbers on them. To finish this challenge, you have to bring the pizza to the right tent three times.

In Cozy Court, there is a sneaky football pitch. If you go up the stairs to the right of the pizza place, you’ll find a football or soccer pitch on the upper level. Step on the ball to move it towards the goal and complete this challenge.

How To Fix All Four Lantern Puzzles On The Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour:

To get into the Luxurious Lantern in the middle of the Lantern Fest Tour island, you must first solve the four lantern puzzles that are spread out across the island.

Interact with the statues outside each lantern to learn the hint, then go into the lantern puzzle room to use your hint to solve the puzzle.

Fortnite Green Lantern Puzzle:

How to Put the Green Lantern Puzzle Together You walk into a puzzle room with 5 colored glass tubes with symbols on the tops. To solve the puzzle, use the glass tubes inside the following order.

  1. Red Camel
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Purple Island
  4. Green Cactus
  5. Yellow Palm Tree


  1. Lantern Spray
  2. Cameo Needs Loot Emoticon
  3. Dog Eat Dog Spray
  4. Twilight Mosaic Wrap


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