Fortnite Impostors: with its new mode, Epic Games took a little too much inspiration from Among Us

Epic Games has just launched a game mode called Fortnite Imposters. It largely takes the concept popularized by Among Us, surfing on the success of the atmospheric title designed by InnerSloth.

Fortnite Impostor

An Among Us in Epic Games style. The development studio has just rolled out a new game mode called Fortnite Impostors. This one is almost identical, with a few details, to the game Among Us whose worldwide success gave ideas to Epic Games. Thus, it is first necessary to remind you of its basic principles before presenting the Impostors mode of Fortnite to you.

A multiplayer party game launched by InnerSloth in 2018, it brings together two very distinct camps in the setting of a spaceship. On one side the team members and on the other the impostors. The first cited must carry out all the tasks assigned to them and identify the second to eliminate them during the vote. As for the impostors, they must kill all the teammates without being unmasked to achieve victory.

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Fortnite Impostors looks like two drops of water like Among Us

In Fortnite Imposters, teammates are replaced by agents. They must perform various and varied tasks to ensure the security of the Node (properly calibrate the chests and llamas, do bus maintenance, provide storm reports). On the sidelines of their work, they will have to keep an eye on the grain to detect impostors that they can eliminate during a vote. “The Knot is the heart of the power of the Dreamlike Institute. Danger can come from anywhere and the establishment is under constant threat. Don’t trust anybody “, Warns Epic Games.

Ultimately, you will win if you complete all of your missions or if you manage to uncover all the impostors. Which must in turn get rid of the agents. They can do this by interrupting tasks and teleporting other players to hide their tracks. They also have the possibility of transiently transforming the other participants into bananas to go unnoticed.

In order not to arouse suspicion, it is advisable to perform tasks as if you were an agent. Keep in mind, however, that every task performed is one more step towards victory for agents. Ideally, you should play ten (8 agents and 2 impostors) to benefit from an optimized experience. You can already discover this new free game mode on Fortnite.


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