Fortnite: how to access the Konoha map of the Naruto universe?

Naruto will therefore be entitled to a place of choice in Fortnite. Indeed, the famous ninja will have a dedicated card as well as exclusive skins.

In short, Naruto seduces otakus of all stripes. While Fortnite delights both novice and confirmed gamers. A card in the image of Konoha therefore joins the Battle Royale. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Konoha’s map comes to Epic Games’ Battle Royale

Epic Games has therefore succeeded in creating a game that appeals to the general public. Indeed, it is useless to present you more this Battle Royale that everyone is tearing off: Fortnite.

The famous game shines by its ease of handling, which satisfies the youngest as well as the confirmed players, seasoned for several years.

If Apple users stay on their teeth because of Epic Games’ setbacks with Apple, players from other platforms benefit from new features every day.

While we are in full season 8 of the MMO, the universe includes many other fandoms, through its different skins and nods to pop culture.

We also remember the legendary virtual concert of Travis Scott in line. Or even the arrival of Ariana Grande with a bang. Eh yes !

The game knows how to keep us going, with intrigues and novelties. But also exclusive skins, to dress like our favorite manga, video game or movie characters.

So after Lara Croft, Neymar Jr., Venom and tutti quanti, we discover a famous ninja from japanimation. We are of course talking to you about Naruto.

The ninja with the golden mane will therefore integrate the world of Fortnite, and he will not come alone. Besides this blond head, we will find Kakashi, his master, and his acolytes, Sakura and Sasuke.

To delight us even more, Epic Games has decided to deploy a map in the image of Konoha, the village they defend. How to find this one? So follow our guide …

Fortnite: Naruto unveils Konoha’s in-game map

Thus, Fortnite will unveil a map making honor to the famous village of Konoha. A map that will however have to be found on your own.

Unless of course you follow our guide to find it with ease, without taking the cabbage. Yes, at MCE, we have thought of everything and everyone!

You could therefore, very simply, go to the tab ” discover “ on the Fortnite screen. So this one will be for you featured.

A second method will allow you to access it via the selection menu. For that, nothing could be simpler, you will have to enter a specific code.

This specific code, which will allow you to reach this portion of the island, is: 0610-6440-1958.

Thus, you will be able to go to the map specific to Konoha, the village in which resides our dear Naruto, famous ninja, which you can put on the skin.

The island portion also allows you to access a creative mode. This one will therefore take up the theme of the famous manga and animated highlighted on Fortnite.

Besides the new portions of the island dedicated to Konoha, we will find, as you know, new skins. Isn’t that beautiful?

Naruto and his acolytes will also discover new accessories like shurikens and rolls of techniques. But also new pickaxes, like the kunai pickaxe.


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