Fortnite: future skins and cosmetics for Halloween already revealed!

To the delight of Fortnite players, a famous leaker has just unveiled all the skins and cosmetics for Halloween!

For Halloween, Epic Games plans to integrate tons of new articles in the Fortnite online store. A data miner dissects the new update and reveals some nice finds. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

An update full of content

Like every year, Epic Games offers its Battle Royale horrific tunes… The players are waiting Halloween period impatiently!

And for good reason, the very famous American studios do not do things by halves. Between outfits, objects and decorations, the immersion is total!

The Fortnite community can already benefit many items in the shop in line. We thus find the Frankenstein monster, but also the Mummy!

Not long ago, he is a cult figure of the successful series The Walking Dead who joined two of his acolytes. You might have guessed it, so it’s Rick Grimes!

The survivor thus disembarks alongside Michonne and Daryl Nixon, two key figures of the program added earlier. We love !

And to the delight of the players, a new update packed with exclusive content has just been released.

Without waiting, data miners Then peeled it to extract the juice … And they made some great discoveries!

On his Twitter account, a very famous leaker has thus unveiled everything that is about to integrate the Fortnite online store.

And for once, there is a hell of a lot of items. New or reinvented skins, exclusive accessories and other horrific objects, there is something for everyone!

MCE TV tells you more.

Fortnite: future skins and cosmetics for Halloween already revealed!

Fortnite is getting ready for Halloween

« Cosmetics not yet released are here if you want to consult them, says HYPEX on Twitter. With their description and styles! “

Unsurprisingly, these revelations made Fortnite fans happy. They still can’t believe it! I have to say that no one expected so much content.

Once again, Epic Games is therefore putting the small dishes in the big ones. The American giant wishes celebrate Halloween as it should !

And for once, there is something to do … Each player can dig up the outfit that suits him best ! So which one will you choose?

If HYPEX is known for its reliability, this information is still to be taken with enormous tweezers. For the time being, Epic Games has yet to confirm anything.

One thing is then certain, the successful Battle Royale still has a bright future ahead of it. But how are the developers going to surprise players next time?

They can’t wait to find out! We let you take a look at the potential outfits and accessories coming to the Fortnite online store.


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