Ford doubles its electric car targets, Tesla is way ahead

Ford may well come to double its production targets for electric cars, they will not have anything to worry about the market leader, Tesla. Yesterday, the CEO of the company Jim Farley announced that the manufacturer expects to produce 600,000 copies of electric cars by the end of 2023. The bulk of sales would be with the Mustang Mach-E and the F -150 Lightning – his electric pickup.

To be able to grow so quickly, in the midst of a shortage, Ford counted on an initial investment of $ 250 million in early September, mainly invested in the production of the future F-150 Lightning. Up to 80,000 copies will be produced in this way per year, knowing that 150,000 reservations have already been made by customers. The first copies are expected next spring. We will still be far behind the 900,000 copies of F-150 with thermal engines which currently leave Ford factories per year.

Far behind Tesla, GM neck and neck

In the first quarter of 2021, Tesla has already delivered more than 184,000 copies worldwide. This year, the manufacturer expects to reach 850,000 deliveries, a number even greater than the 500,000 mark for 2020. Next year, with its new factory capacities in Europe (Berlin) and the possibility of setting up a project for a second factory in China, Tesla will most certainly exceed one million units sold and delivered.

The objective of one million is that which General Motors has also set itself, for 2025. To achieve this, the group follows the same logic as Ford with massive investments in factories on American soil. The three manufacturers will thus form the podium of the largest manufacturers of electric cars in the United States. But contrary to what the CEO of Ford was aiming for 2023, Tesla should indeed remain in the first place.


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