For The Hermitage Pursuit In Dredge, Here’s How To Get Explosives As Well As The Family Crest

For The Hermitage Pursuit In Dredge, Here’s How To Get Explosives As Well As The Family Crest:

Dredge goes above and beyond in its optional missions. Each one has interesting stories for people who enjoy the macabre and lonely, which is a common trait among the people you meet in the game’s different settlements.

This is also true of The Hermitage Pursuit. One such quest sends you fishing for a family crest that will help reunite two brothers who have been apart for a long time. If putting an end to an old man’s family fight isn’t enough for you, this quest will also give you access to packed explosives.

How To Get Inside The Hermitage:

You’ll see a red beam southeast of Ingfell that leads to a city in ruins. If you get off the boat right before it, an old man named Hermit would then come up to you. Choose the option to talk “This doesn’t look like a safe place.

What makes you stay here? “…and he’ll talk about how the collapse left him stuck here. Say you’ll “help him move to Ingfell.” He’ll agree, but only if you help him make peace with his long-lost brother.

Where To Look For The Family Crest:

To get to the Gale Cliffs from the big whale-bone crest, you’ll need to steam. Get ready for your trip at sea by cleaning out the cargo hold. The valuable Family Crest will take up a four-square space in your inventory, so make absolutely sure you have enough room.

Then, sail towards to the starboard of the Hermit’s port and follow the left edge of the cliffs.

As you get closer to the three abandoned shipwrecks, keep an eye out for a golden glow inside the middle of the water near the falling waterfall. This is your goal, the hard-to-find place to dig for the coveted family crest.

How To Get Packed Explosives To Work:

Now that you have the family crest, it’s time to get the much-sought-after Packed Explosives. Go to Ingfell and find the hermit’s brother, a retired whaler, to demonstrate him your best catch.

If you tell him, “I think this crest is yours,” he’ll ask you to clear away some stuff that’s in the way. The site for the demolition is in Gale Cliffs, where a big, mean fish lurks.

Get faster engines for your boat and get ready for a brave escape. When you get there, find the area labelled with yellow flags to blow up the rocks.

When you go back to the old whaler, he will ask you to bring his brother with you. But what’s most important is that he’ll start selling you bombs that are already packed. You now can blow up walls for $40 as well as two inventory slots to get into places that were locked before.

When you get there, the retired whaler will tell you to meet him at the whaling docks, where he is now selling packed explosives. He’ll start giving you the initial one for free, but each one after that will cost $40.


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